Alternatives To Stock Market Investing Are Out There According To Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is the Chairman and CEO of Forefront Capital Advisors which recently opened its new Forefront Income Trust investment program. The idea behind this new initiative was to give new investors a chance to invest somewhere besides the stock market and open an IRA without needing a large sum of money to start with.

Crunchbase reported that Brad Reifler has often spoken about the pitfalls to investing especially in light of the 2016 box office release of Money Monster. Reifler says that investors do have to be careful who they invest with and should make sure they stick to their investment goals without being sold a false hope by their portfolio manager.

Brad Reifler is a longtime advisor to futures investors and hedge fund clients. He got his degree in finance from Bowdoin College and the first advisory company he started was Reifler Trading Company.

This company’s line of work included discretionary accounts management, global derivatives and alternative investments. Brad Reifler had turned this company into billions worth in profits by the time it was sold to Refco Inc. His second company Pali Capital had similar success for the 14 years that Reifler ran it.

This company never actually dictated to its brokers where to invest client funds but rather showed them how to turn investments into profitable gains. By the time this company was sold it had established offices in four different continents and had managed billions in assets.

According to PR Newswire, Brad Reifler began Forefront Capital in 2010 and like his previous two companies he marketed its services to accredited wealthy clients at the outset, but he became aware of the gap between Wall Street and middle class America and decided to do something about it.

He began advocating for lower barriers to investing in alternative funds and established a public fund at the company that allows investors to start with only $1,000. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

He is continuing to work with the SEC to change regulations about accredited investors and create more opportunities for middle class American investors. Reifler is also a philanthropist and his contributions include a $3 million gift to Easter Seals Dixon Center for retired servicemen.