Learning with Julie Zuckerberg: Best Reasons to Be a Recruiter

The talent recruitment profession is one of the most exciting and interesting ones you can enter if you think you have the skills necessary to communicate with people beyond the conventional words of the everyday life.


A good talent recruiter has to see the skills, abilities and honest capabilities of the candidates for that job offering, and it requires a deep understanding of what kind of personality best suits that position and what your company is looking for. These skills, along with other necessary traits, come when meeting new people and gathering experience by working as a talent recruiter for the first time.


In this article, we will talk about the best reasons why you should consider entering the recruitment career if you think you have what it takes to be an influential professional in the area.


To help us analyze the field, we will be talking about the career of a very skilled and valuable recruiter in the U.S., Julie Zuckerberg, which is currently working for the Deutsche Bank, a prominent multinational bank with high influence in North America.


The first reason why you should consider the talent acquisition profession: It is a job that apparently is required by every big and small company in every market, as having a professional team that identifies the best potential candidates for that job offering is very valuable for a corporation.


She first began working in her profession as the Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson, which is a specialized third-party group that focuses on recruiting the best candidates for other companies. There, Zuckerberg was responsible for leading the team responsible for replacing and finding candidates for other firms.


By staying five years with the group, Julie Zuckerberg gathered a lot of experience. She learned from her mistakes and learned from well-accomplished recruitment jobs as well.


The second reason is: Being in the talent acquisition field will give you a lot of contact with the best of the best in any possible area that you can imagine. Since you’ll be recruiting for other corporations and finding the best candidates for that job offering, the recruitment profession fills you with that much knowledge about many types of businesses that you didn’t know how they worked.


Julie Zuckerberg, with more than fifteen years in the field, is already an expert in many businesses that are not her specialty, but she has conducted so many hiring programs that she already understands who the whole system of a bank works from the different positions that she had to hire for during her time working for Citi bank.


Her knowledge of the bank industry has got her the favorable position of the Executive Recruitment Lead of the Deutsche Bank, a position that she holds since she joined the enterprise in Abril, 2014.


After being with Hudson for five years, she moved to the company that she stayed the most time with Citi, Citi Global Consumer Bank, and Citi Global Functions. There, she was the executive recruiter of the company for six years.


Last reason but definitely not less important: Being a recruiter is one of the most fulfilling jobs because you’ll be giving the most renowned positions in a company to the candidates that deserve it the most.


Julie Zuckerberg remains nowadays as one of the youngest recruiters of the fastest success in her career.