AI technology will revolutionize virtually every aspect of life – especially our business transactions – here’s why

Not everyone has the time or resources or sanity to quickly and efficiently complete A/B testing. Artificial intelligence is widely talked about as being the future of the global economy. From weapons development to e-commerce, AI really will be the future.

A new and rapidly growing startup, Sentient AI has been amongst the first in the race to AI driven business solutions, competing with a giant like Microsoft. Sentient AI’s ASCEND provides online marketing solutions. On their product page (link this), they claim you can “Test More, Faster”. A/B Testing allows you to experiment more efficiently on your sales funnel—allowing one to test multiple configurations and designs across multiple pages. A/B testing with ASCEND is an evolving, intelligent solution: it’s constantly learning and easy to implement, often by simply adding code on to a test page. The Sentient team currently employs evolutionary algorithms, a field of computer science, in order to develop their AI and its learning capability.

In regards to A/B Testing, human effort is frustratingly slow and rather tedious. AI can take the burden off of engineers and marketers by speeding data collection and improved data set quality.

Landing pages will be permanently changed, either by adding under the hood improvements or by subtly changing what exactly a visitor or customer sees when interacting with a website.
Of great benefit to entrepreneurs, this field of marketing will be evolved by the introduction of AI technology.

Landing pages and more specifically conversion rate optimization are design and data driven approaches. When one wants to improve lead generation and nurture customer relationships, a strong landing page and UI and user experience (UX) will be important to attract the customer’s attention and create a pretty, yet appropriate visual atmosphere for your website. A/B testing, as a result, will be thrown into the dustbin of history. Like floppy disks and cassette players.

Business solutions and networking site Xpreneurs held an interview (link here) with Dr. Uwe Stoll, co-founder of HyperMaus.

Hypermaus is an AI and Deep Learning start-up, utilizing the Python language to build its systems.

Dr. Uwe Stoll explains HyperMaus as an artificial intelligence based problem solver. The problem? The difficulty of improving personalization quickly to improve lead generation and turnover. Stoll explains that there aren’t any tools that allow organizations to effectively and efficiently improve their landing pages, and therefore ultimately fatten their total revenue.

This realization caused Stoll to believe that A/B testing must be eliminated, as it is an inefficient method. Instead, AI can take over for humans and eliminate large amounts of manual labor and financial burden. Still, says that his company’s proprietary AI core operates in a closed loop—it can create solutions by seeing the entire picture. It doesn’t just give one a recommendation or suggestion that humans would have to implement themselves; the AI can work from “end to end”.