Bradesco’s Influential Banking And Insurance CEO: Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

In 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was named Brazil’s most influential entrepreneur. As such, this recognition distinguished his professional exceptionalism in the Brazilian insurance sector. In his first four years of managing Bradesco, he won his first IPY award. During 2007, Trabuco, for the second time, won the Insurance Person of the Year (IPY) award. He is the current president of Bradesco Group Insurance and Pension Plan as well as the Vice President of Banco Bradesco. He assumed these roles in 2003 and 2007 respectively.

Trabuco was born in Marilia in 1951, the birthplace of Bradesco’s founder Amador Aguiar. He graduated from Sao Paulo’s School of Sociology and Politics with a degree Social Psychology. His illustrious career, spanning over four decades, began in 1969 when he was 22. His first post at Bradesco was a clerk at its Marilia agency branch. In 1984, he was moved to Sao Paulo as a marketing director. Luiz Carlo Trabuco Cappi is a devoted husband, a father of three children, a soft spoken, modest, and discreet man.

He ascended to Banco Bradesco’s presidency at a time of significant competition from its larger rival, Itau Unibanco. Despite Itau Unibanco holding the number one spot, Trabuco focused on expanding Bradesco’s reach in Brazil’s municipalities, suburbs, and rural regions. In this regard, Trabuco made one of the boldest moves in Bradesco’s history, purchasing HSBC’s Brazilian operations for US $5.2 billion. This deal was the largest ever acquisition of another company’s operations in Brazil’s economic history. Acquiring HSBC resulted in Bradesco Group outperforming Itau Unibanco in several areas inclusive of the number of active account holders, total investment finances, and branch networks.


In his optimism, Trabuco perceives that the insurance industry is essential to the overall welfare of the Brazilian economy. As Brazil’s economy progressively evolves, a need for urgency and perspective is necessary. In this respect, he intimated to stakeholders that “We need to have confidence and hope. I am very excited about the new representative configuration of the industry. We want the government to understand the role that insurance has in modern society.”

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was appointed Bradesco’s fourth president due to his experience, dedication, and expertise in managing Bradesco. In a 40-year long career, Trabuco steadily rose through the institution’s hierarchy from a clerk to the presidency. While as the vice president of Bradesco Seguros, he managed to increase Bradesco’s market share from 23% to 25%. Better still, he increased the bank’s profit from 26% to 35%.

Trabuco favors an organic management approach in advancing the business interests of Bradesco. Using this method, he significantly turned around the bank’s fortune during a time of economic turbulence and uncertainty in Brazil. In 2009, he grew the bank’s clientele base from 20 million to 27 million, a feat that demonstrates his management pedigree. Similarly, Trabuco helped Bradesco increase its savings accounts by 12.3 million to 50 million and facilitated the considerable expansion of its insurance service network. Another of his incredible achievements of is growing Bradesco’s national agencies and branches from 3,500 to 5,000.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s extensive experience in both banking and insurance equips him with valuable insights into the sector’s opportunities and future developments. With this in mind, Trabuco predicts that the industry’s potential for growth will encompass over 100 million new clients by 2025. As such, he plans to increase the bank’s territorial inclusion. His vision involves the bank reaching out to the larger majority of Brazil’s unbanked and uninsured population. Thanks to his position, leadership skills, and influence, Brazil’s government, the media, and entrepreneurs highly value his advice and opinion.

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