Get Walking Again With Osteo Relief Institute

Mention the word “disability” and it’s unlikely someone will think of arthritis. But the truth is that arthritis in some form is the leading cause of disability in the US. And yes, Arthritis comes in many different types and the most common one is osteoarthritis or OA. Therefore, Arthritis cannot be seen as a single disease, rather it is used to describe diseases and pain that happens to the joints. What is also true is that it is most likely to affect women, especially women over the age of 50. Osteoarthritis describes a specific condition. It happens when the cartilage located between the bones of the joint, starts to break down or wear out.

This wearing out process causes the bones to come into contact with each other, which is what causes the pain. In severe cases, the patient will have difficulty walking. The causes of this disease are several and varied. It could be genetics, injury, weight gain or lifestyle. The fact is, there is no such a thing as a cure for osteoarthritis, so what patients can do is try and manage the pain with the help of therapy, such as the ones offered by the Osteo Relief Institute.

The following are some pointers towards helping to reduce the effects of Osteoarthritis so that patients can lead somewhat of a normal life.

  • Do not sit in one place for long periods of time. However, avoid doing the same physical activity over and over again, this can worsen the problem
  • Before going to sleep at night it is a good idea to do some stretches and exercises, especially stretches. This will ensure the joints do not feel stiff when waking up in the morning
  • Do not do physical activities that are too strenuous for the body. Know the limits and stay within them

The Osteo Relief Institute

There are institutions committed to helping people afflicted with OA such as the Osteo Institute (HealthGrades). Located in Monmouth county, Osteo Relief Institute has been helping patients to achieve a normal life with a series of therapies and exercises. The goal of Osteo Relief Institute is to take people back to how they were before getting affected with this crippling disease.

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