Avaaz, the Voice, and Sound of the People

Avaaz is a non-profit organization located in the US, which was established in January 2007. The firm promotes world activism on matters such as human rights, animal rights, corruption, climate change, conflicts, and poverty. In an online activist network, Avaaz is considered as the largest and most grip organization. Avaaz is a Persian name, which means voice or song. Avaaz is the voice and sound of the people and their Linkedin.

Avaaz organization was on the front line in the global public mobilization to deliver the Paris climate change. Paris expectations were down-bearing rock bottom. That was 18 months before when leaders said that there was no political and public will to act. Avaaz decided to prove them wrong when they spearheaded the people’s climate matches. They mobilized significantly in matters dealing with climatic change. Many people contributed to the matches, but Avaaz set up a massive mobilization goal, which raised significant majority funds to support it. The organization also worked with the government to bring world leaders and more than 30 cabinet ministers into the marches. That included the French ministers and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, which would chair the Paris talks. They matched together with the Avaaz members, and it was described by many as a tremendous and favoring fundamental change experience and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

Avaaz also took part in mobilizing fast and aid. It has donated tens of millions of dollars, yens and euros to causes worthy it. Over half of the money went to rebuild and save lives after the humanitarian disasters. Avaaz uses its global reach together with unique agility to send help to any place in the world. Take for example in Burma, after the brutal Cyclone Nargis hit, over 100,000 persons were killed, and more were threatened. A ruling that banned almost every NGO from the country was made. However, by 48 hours, Avaaz had passed over the brutal government and worked with the monks to dispatch aids into river delta since it was the hardest hit area. The mission of Avaaz is to seal the space in between the current world and the one that people want and more information click here.