The Oxford Club Investment Repository

The Oxford Club is a fully fledged international private club with a membership spanning over 100 different countries across the globe, and also affiliate unique clubhouses in these nations. It was founded in 1989 in Baltimore, Maryland, with the aim of providing top-notch investment research and has more than 80,000 members currently. These members include renown investors and entrepreneurs. The mission of Oxford Club entails the creation of sustainable wealth and have a holistic improvement in the quality of life of the members. The benefits that accrue to these members include information on well-researched investments opportunities that enable them to maximize their profits.

To provide quality information to its members, the Oxford Club has a prolific editorial team led by Wall Street veteran and New York bestselling author, Alexander Green and Marc Lichtenfeld as the Associate Investment Director. The editorial team has been able to provide members with clear-cut opportunities for maximising their market returns and establishing a sustainable wealth. Thanks to this team members have been able to share information using online platforms, seminars, and financial tours.

The Oxford club has three monthly publications; these include Investment U and Wealthy Retirement which offer free educational advisories and other premium research packages. Apart from the monthly editions, the club also has a flagship newsletter known as The Oxford Communique. This newsletter features Alexander Green’s insights on a plethora investment opportunities and has been consistently ranked in the top-performing portfolio.Other newsletters include the Oxford Income Letter and the Oxford Resource Explorer.

There are several trading services offered by the Oxford Club mainly, automatic trading millionaire, the insider alert, oxford bond advantage, the momentum alert, prime system trader, true value alert, the Viper alert among others,

The club offers membership at different levels namely premium memberships enjoyed by those who have subscribed to the clubs paid publications and is subject to annual renewal, Director’s Circle Membership which consists the clubs lifelong members and chairman’s circle membership. The chairman’s life membership is the most prestigious level since it offers unique features besides the unlimited access to the club’s publications.