Malcolm CasSelle Develops a Unique Platform for Virtual Assets Traders

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is an innovative platform that serves as a marketplace for virtual goods. It decentralizes exchanges and enables clients to buy goods using a global token. This platform is built leveraging blockchain technologies, mainly focusing on video game items. It minimizes transaction costs, establishes marketplaces for games, and allows tokenization of physical assets. Users can trade, sell, and purchase in a safe, quick, and peer-to-peer way, eliminating the risks and hassles associated with virtual goods trading.

How WAX protects the Virtual Asset Bond and Token

WAX has a multi-layered protection strategy whereby the token holders themselves play the oversight role. During the process of virtual asset exchange, users called Transfer Agents play the role of transferring items under supervisory committees known as Guilds. Rating systems and means of verifying proof of stake play a crucial role in the exchange process.

Who is Malcolm CasSelle?

Malcolm CasSelle is a talented entrepreneur who serves as the chief investment officer of OPSkins and the head of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). Before joining WAX, Malcolm was the CTO and the head of New Ventures department at tronc, Inc. Before his exemplary service at tronc, Inc., Malcolm was a general manager and senior VP of SeaChange International in charge of digital media. He landed his senior executive roles at SeaChange International back in 2015 after the firm acquired Timeline Labs, where he was acting as the CEO.

Education and successful career path

Malcolm CasSelle received computer science degree from the prestigious MIT. Malcolm also joined the Stanford University and graduated with a master’s in computer science. In 1995, he co-founded one of the top media production websites known as NetNoir. This website covered topics on Afrocentric culture. Between 1998 and 2002, he was the senior VP and advisor to the chief executive at Pacific Century CyberWorks. He is fluent in both Mandarin and Japanese.

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