Daniel Taub – article recap

For the past four years, Daniel Taub has served as the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the United Kindom, and after a storied term with an unprecedented amount of success between the two nations, he is sure to be missed. Mr. Taub can be characterized by his charming wit and proper appearance, and throughout his time as Ambassador has created a career that rivals one of Israel’s most popular representatives, Shlomo Argov. While he has been directly involved in the growing relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom, he prefers to take an informal approach when being addressed despite these accomplishments, choosing to be called by his first name. In a recent sit down with Manchester City Fan, Daniel Taub discussed the changing policies of his tenure, as well as more intimate details concerning his personal life.

One of Daniel Taub’s guiding principles during his career is to never look back, keeping an eye on the developments of the future. At the beginning of Mr. Taub’s term at the embassy, he and his staff created a set of goals, and as the end is steadily approaching, he reflects, believing that these goals, as well as additional ones, were completed in a very successful fashion. Of Mr. Taub’s accomplishments includes the expansion of Israel information centers throughout the country, as well as in Wales and Scotland. Mr. Taub is also an avid reader, citing its importance in many of his successes throughout his career. He was recently invited to lecture about the historical impact of Israel in English literature and decided to revisit a few of the classics as an impromptu refresher course. While he admits that during his career there have been some instances of regret, but as he is consistently focused on the future, chooses not to harbor any regrets, instead deciding to indulge in the fruits that life has to offer. As the work associated with being the Ambassador to the United Kingdom is highly demanding, Mr. Taub has decided to enjoy many of the musical events with his family, particularly Les Miserables, that he wasn’t able to during his tenure. Of the many lessons that Mr. Taub learned on the job, he believes that the value of speaking with friends and opponents was heavily impressed upon him. In speaking with those that were publicly critical of Israel, he was able to gain a new perspective on the politics of the United Kingdom, as well as Israel. Learn more: http://www.everipedia.com/editor/dtaub/




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