Desiree Perez’s Contribution to the Music and Entertainment Industry

Among the fastest growing industries today is the music and entertainment sector. There are several individuals who have been recognized for their great contributions towards the industry. Roc Nation’s Chief Operating Officer, Desiree Perez is currently among the top influential executives in the music industry. Despite being in a male-dominated industry, Desiree has demonstrated that women can also occupy greater positions in the sector. The COO of a legendary company offering a wide range of entertainment services, Desiree was named in Billboard’s 2017 Women in Music list.

Since 2009, Desiree Perez has created a significant impact on Roc Nation. She is responsible for the creation of long-term artists’ marketing and promotional strategies, managing daily operations, planning and organizing music tours and overall support.

Under her leadership, the company managed to sign several celebrity artists, including Timbaland, Rita Ora, Wale, Calvin Harris, NO ID, and Shakira among others. Desiree has also been involved in the expansion of other businesses belonging to Roc Nation’s founder, Shawn Carter. As revealed by some individuals from the company, Jay-Z has picked Dez to handle most of his vital business deals. Her straightforward attitude, charisma, and confidence have enabled her to identify and take advantage of profitable business opportunities.

Besides her achievements at Roc Nation, Desiree has also worked with Rihanna. Dez played a great role in negotiations which promoted Rihanna’s name in the music artist industry. With this success, it is believed that Desiree will continue working with Rihanna even in the future. Last year, Perez also managed to close a deal worth $200 million involving Sprint and TIDAL, and Desiree Perez’s lacrosse camp.

It is no doubt Desiree Perez has played a great role towards the success of several celebrity individuals in the music industry. The success of her clients can be attributed to her abilities. Desiree portrays the kind of person that women should emulate in order to make the world a better place, and follow her Twitter.