Adam Milstein: The Principles of Philanthropy

When a person chooses to pursue a path of philanthropy, there are certain aspects they hold dear. Among those are being active with any organization they choose to help, letting others reach their full potential, and providing the guidance and assistance needed to let others forge a life path to success. For people like Adam Milstein, keeping these principles in mind at all times has been the key to becoming one of the world’s best philanthropists. As an advocate of Jewish heritage and education, Adam has used his talents over the years to help people of all ages not only learn more about Jewish heritage, but also apply it to a variety of causes that have helped others around the world.


Invest Time and Expertise

According to Adam Milstein, being an active philanthropist means not only investing money in a group or organization, but also time and expertise. By doing so, Adam Milstein is able to work with people of diverse backgrounds to develop ways to help alleviate poverty, allow for more educational opportunities, and so much more.


The Life Path

Perhaps most of all, Adam Milstein knows how important it is to help people young and old develop a life path that will make them happy now and in the years ahead. To accomplish this, Adam and his wife Gila regularly seek out organizations that feel the same way. In doing so, they can work closely with leaders of organizations to develop programs that are specifically customized to assisting those most in need. A great example of this is the Milstein Family Foundation, founded by Adam and Gila. By using the resources available through their foundation, they have been able to help families make communities stronger, and also help students at all levels of education make their schools stronger as well, and

Whether helping plan a fundraiser for a local school or investing money into programs to get books in the hands of Jewish families in Israel and the United States, Adam Milstein continues to keep the important principles of philanthropy close to his heart each and every day, and Adam on Facebook.