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About the American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Professional (AIA) is an organization that was established to deal with the architectural profession in the United States. It was formed for the chief purpose of advancing and elevation of the professional practice and licensing qualified members. AIA was founded by a group of 13 architects that met on February 23, 1857, in New York. The team also invited 16 prominent architects that helped establish the organization.

Moreover, AIA premiered the organization that offers licenses to architects and professionals in the field of design and construction. AIA also provides architectural experience to help educate upcoming architects. The first president of AIA was called Richard Upjohn while the current is Robert Ivy. The constitution was drafted under the name New York Society of Architects on March 10, 1857. Further, the AIA was incorporated two months after the first meeting while the constitution was signed by the members on April 15, 1857.

The company was formed to offer key elements in the architectural profession that includes education, community development, government advocacy and improve its public image. What’s more, the organization coordinates with other related members in the design and construction industry. Also, since its inception, AIA incorporated an integral role in the public health and disaster relief solution. An instance that dates back was the Washington DC area where there was draining of swamps, and space was used to create recreational space.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). He was unanimously chosen as the leader of the AIA on February 1, 2011. Mr. Ivy had been a dedicated member of the AIA since the 1990s where he served on the board of directors. Equally important,Robert Ivy is an award-winning editor since he had a background in editing and was the chief editor of Architectural Record. Under his leadership, Record grew tremendously where it became the most sorted after architectural journals globally. He has also worked as the vice president and editorial director of McGraw- Hill construction media since 2003.

Furthermore, in 2010 Robert Ivy was named as the master architect by Alpha Rho Chi. He has been previously awarded the Crane Awards in 2009 which was the American business media’s highest acknowledgment for an individual. Again, Mr. Ivy has heavily advocated for the architecture profession on issues. He graduated with masters in architecture from Tulane University in Louisiana and also did graduated from the University of South Tennessee with a B.A in English.

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