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Dr. Avi Weisfogel: Advancements in Dental Sleep Medicine

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the CEO and Founder of the Dental Sleep Masters Company based in New Jersey. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has more than three decades of professional experience working towards becoming part of the solution to the numerous problems facing his clients in the industry. For this reason, his sufficient business model plans have used to work for his benefits in a manner that depicts better business. Dr. Avi Weisfogel commenced his [private practice right after graduating from the New York School of Dentistry with the highest honors. Dr. Avi Weisfogel founded the Old Bridge Dental Company that strives to achieve the gap between dentistry and its solution among the specific patients.

During the first week of his practice, Dr. Avi Weisfogel worked to develop one of the most sophisticated business platforms that allowed him to provide the medical solution to sleep apnea using dentistry. During that time, he had limited experience treating the sleep apnea medical condition. However, he did not achieve any further solution because he took much of his time developing the solutions in dentistry. For this reason, Dr. Avi Weisfogel is known as one of the most proficient dentists in the industry.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel also founded the Healthy Heart Company that strives to develop a working solution for those who want to be connected to the medical industry across the world. This company connects thousands of physicians and health officials all over the world. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has a reputation that will never be broken in and out of the United States for his great contribution in sleep apnea medical condition.

After a day’s work, the best thing you could ever give yourself is enough sleep. Enough sleep prepares your brain and body for the next day. The body needs time to repair itself from the dead cells out of the busy day, for this reason, you might consider specifying your intended capabilities for a brighter day in the industry. A normal person needs atleast seven hours of sleep. This means that more sleep is beneficial aside from what people say. It is a sign of laziness. However, Dr. Avi Weisfogel recommends enough sleep for longevity.

Waiakea Water: What Makes it the Perfect Drinking Water?

What is so important about water?

As you may already know most of your body is made of up to 60% water and depending on what water you drink will greatly affect the nutrients you regain.

Waiakea believes that the type of water that we put in our bodies is very important to our daily health, perhaps that is why they are ranked 414 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest expanding companies in the US, growing 4000% since starting the company.
In fact, this brand is going to be celebrated among the list of honored elite companies at this year’s 2017 Inc. 5000 Conference happening on October 10th in California.

Founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons as the first Volcanic water brand in Hawaii to hit the market, Waiakea strives to provide the most eco-friendly, charitable, healthiest premium water, that will create a positive impact in people’s lives.

The company globally conscious about the land, the planet and the people within it which is the reason they focus on water with natural beneficial levels of alkaline from the melting snows and rainfalls on the volcano peak of Mauna Loa.
The water is also enhanced with minerals since it gets filtered through rock lava that gives its delicious rich taste.

Waiakea has been given many awards for their achievements such as:

• The Food and Beverage Innovation Award in 2015
• Best Biz Awards in 2015
• Dujour Awards
• The Finalist, Packaging Design and Taste Awards
• Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative and Best Packaged Water
• Best in Show
• Second Leading Bottled Water Brands 2016 globally

They have also been labeled as the #1 volcanic bottled water of 2017.

The company currently has a valuation of $10 million and went from just selling 2,304 cases of water to 122,400 in the span of 3 1/2 years.
Though Waiakea is growing at a fast rate they don’t have any plans to slow down anytime soon but they are not all about profits as they have partnered with Pump Aid.
Through Pump Aid, Waiakea has helped over 1.35 million people in Africa get access to clean water and has helped to provide education for more children, aid in malnutrition and water-borne illnesses.

When you buy award-winning Waiakea water know that you are investing in your health and a charitable growing company.

Looking Back on the Early Music Career of Cassio Audi

The 1980s is often remembered for the success seen by many heavy metal bands in breaking out of the underground music scene and into the mainstream. The nation of Brazil had not long been freed from the yoke of oppression provided by a political and military dictatorship when heavy metal burst onto the scene in the early 1980s. In 1985, drummer Cassio Audi joined a number of heavy metal bands on a journey Audi remains known for as one of the most iconic drummers ever to have risen to prominence in this musical genre.

Cassio Audi became a member of Viper in 1985 before the band had recorded any music and played a major role in the development of a band which would become one of the most famous in Brazilian heavy metal. It is safe to say without Cassio Audi, Viper would not have built their initial following as a heavy metal band in as fast a period of time as they did in 1985 with a limited release of homemade recordings under the name, “The Killera Sword” and more information click here.

The pioneering sounds and songs created for “The Killera Sword” led to the signing of a deal with the Rock Brigade label to create the first studio album, “Soldiers of Sunrise”. The album was a commercial and critical hit for Viper and Cassio Audi, in particular, was singled out for praise as his drumming crossed different styles on the album. Cassio Audi was guaranteed a spot in the Brazilian music hall of fame for his work with Viper but decided n 1989 to leave behind his fledgling music career to develop a career in finance which has matched the heights achieved by Viper across the ensuing decades.

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Beneful Benificial at Walmart

What better place to purchase great quality dog food than Wal-Mart? Beneful can be purchased at Walmart with reasonable pricing as the wet food ranges from six to seven, and dry ranges from thirteen dollars to twenty six depending upon the weight. This is very affordable and to top is all off, there are coupons and ways you can save on your next purchases. Things like ordering online can give you options of up to even twenty percent off. Not only that, but you also have the option of buying your Beneful dog food with real salmon, and other ingredients. Purchasing the dog food with real ingredients are the same as purchasing the dry Beneful dog food so no extra money being spent there. The rollback prices can be found online and you can actually save more money ordering it online and picking it up saves from paying for shipping and what Beneful knows.

Mikhail Blagosklonny and Work Towards a Better Life

Medicine and science have made fantastic progress over the last hundred years. The advancements help people on a daily basis to combat illness and live longer. One of the diseases science is still trying to cure cancer. It is a tricky one because it is very unpredictable. At this point, there are success stories, and then there are those not so lucky. However, scientists and researchers don’t plan on giving up till they have achieved their goal – to cure the disease completely in all its various forms. One such researcher is Mikhail Blagosklonny whose name is not very well-known to many people.

With a background in oncology, Mikhail Blagosklonny primarily studies cancer and how it relates to age. Oder people are in the higher risk group even though there are different reasons people encounter this disease in life and not all of them are yet explained. However, there is an idea that a possibility of preventing cancer is more likely achievable than curing it. Advanced stages of the disease cannot be cured so people can only manage it and try to raise their quality of life as much as possible. Researchers also want to find a less invasive cancer therapy and read full article.

The current methods – chemotherapy and radiation have severed side-effects. People experience nausea, weakness and other unpleasant things after they spend time receiving treatment. Many are not able to attend therapy sessions alone since they are unable to get back home afterward. Creating a treatment method that would take away the side-effects or at least decrease their intensity would be a huge step towards the big goal. Mikhail Blagosklonny believes that aging happens because human cells get damaged over time, and at some point, they lose their ability to carry out repairs. However, using rapamycin and other rapalogs might extend human life, increasing the quality of life in the process.

Improving the immunity also helps and this is what a rapamycin alternative – Evirolimus achieves. Rapamycin itself is used mainly for patients after transplantations to ensure that their body will accept the new addition. It is also employed in cases people suffer from age-related illnesses. There is an idea that extending the human life would allow the cells to change and cancer cells would not be able to form or disguise themselves in the body. However, any treatment would have to be administered before the diagnosis of cancer since otherwise, it would not be effective and what Dr. Mikhail knows.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is passionate about this field is study. St. Petersburg was where his interest for oncology was born after studies and receiving his M.D. and later his Ph.D. in medicine. Mikhail chose cardiology as a field of specialization and has not left it since but acquired more knowledge and experience working in the States. He decided to dedicate his world and life to research and publication. One of the most well-known journals he works for is Oncotarget and Mikhail’s lacrosse camp.

Blagosklonny believes that offering scientists an opportunity to publish their research is a significant step towards the goal. It is a peer- reviewed journal and offers its readers the newest research as well as oncology-related news and

Norman Pattiz

It has been announced by PodcastOne Executive Chairman, Norman Pattiz, that Norman Lear will give a weekly Podcast through them. The program will also feature his friend and side-kick Paul Hipp. For the uninitiated, Norman Lear is a legend of sorts, in the world of television, and created many landmark shows such as The Jefferson’s, All in the Family, Good Times, Maude and One day at a time. But what makes him special is that he witnesses the dawn of television and went on to either produce or write over a hundred shows. He is also a veteran of World War II and an accomplished author. In fact, it would not be an overstatement to say that Norman Lear defined modern television as we know it today. Learn more:


What will make the Podcast unique is the contributions made by other celebrities, such as Poehler, Jerrod Carmichael, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and America Ferrera. Along with celebrities, ordinary people will also talk about their perspectives regarding Mr. Lear’s works and other things. The sessions will touch upon a variety of subjects, such as politics, social issues, comedy, music etc. The podcast started on May 1 and will be aired subsequently every Monday, on, as well as on PodcastOne App on iTunes.

Needless to say, Norman Pattiz, the Chairman of PodcastOne is elated. A long-time friend and fan of Norma Lear, he feels that this is a big win for the service. As for Mr. Lear who celebrated his 95th birthday, he feels that he can connect with any one, no matter their age. Therefore, he is encouraging anyone interested to find out by subscribing.

Norman Pattiz is also a legend of sorts in the world of broadcasting. Apart from PodcastOne, he has been active in the radio side of things for over 40 years. He is also the founder of Westwood One, which became one of the largest providers of news source for entertainment, sports, talk and even traffic related programs to the broadcast industry. The company either managed, owned or distributed for CBS and NBC news, CNN radio, NFL, NCAA Basketball, Super Bowl to name a few. He started PodcastOne in 2012 because he felt that the audio-on-demand industry is undeserved. Not long after starting the podcast service it became a leader of sorts in that market segment.

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Orange Coast College Planetarium Project

A planetarium that is under construction at Orange Coast College received a generous donation of $1 million. This donation came from a retired professor, Mary McChesney. The donation will be put towards a Foucault pendulum ( a device used to portray Earth’s rotation). Officials from the Costa Mesa college stated that it will be the only pendulum of that type in Orange County. McChesney said the planetarium will be the center of scientific related studies for students and the community. McChesney donated the money in remembrance of her partner, Adelyn Bonin, who passed away in January. Bonin taught German classes at the college until she retired in 1983. McChesney taught classes at OCC and retired in 1983 as well. Mary has continued to be a contributor to the foundation as well as scholarships. Construction for the planetarium began in 2016 and will feature a 129 seat auditorium as well as an exhibit hall that displays a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The planetarium prior to that could only seat 35 visitors. The overall budget for the project is about $20 million. About $2.6 million has already been made in donations towards building the new planetarium.


Orange Coast College is located in Orange Country, California. The school was founded in 1947 and offers associate of arts and science degrees, certificates of achievement, and lower division classes that may transfer to other colleges or universities. Orange Coast College currently enrolls around 24,000 undergraduate students which makes it the third largest college in Orange County. Learn more:


The mission of the college is to provide education in licensed trades and skilled professions. OCC offers clubs and sports teams on the campus; however, they do not provide housing on campus. There are many construction projects scheduled to take place on campus throughout the next couple of years.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Outlines How One Can Love Themselves After Undergoing a Cosmetic Procedure

Most people struggle with self-discontentment arising from the outlook of their body. Aesthetics define a lot in a person. If you don’t like how your nose or face looks like it could deal a blow on your self-esteem and you will need to undergo a cosmetic procedure. In today’s world, you need to possess a lot of self-contentment and confidence for you to succeed in any sphere of life. Individuals who are not contented with their physical look can get their physical features improved through medical procedures which are under the field of medicine called cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the cosmetic surgeons of repute with her practice based in the Texas region. Jennifer Walden is a mother of two boys, and her sons are the reason why she relocated to Austin, Texas. She needed to be closer to her children so that she could raise them with the virtues she believes in. It’s the same passion for motherhood that Jennifer Walden brings to the medical field of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden can offer the best medical solutions to her clients because she has a better understanding of the female body than her male-counterparts given that a huge chunk of plastic surgery patients are women and more information click here.

Deciding to venture into a male-dominated field was a tall order for Dr. Walden. But her passion and determination subdued her fears, and she managed to go through a decade of academic and field work for her to become a certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Jennifer Walden also doubles up as a motivational speaker who encourages her patients to feel good about themselves after surgery and what Dr. Walden knows.

According to many reviews in the digital space, many patients who have been handled by Jennifer Walden have a lot of admiration for her. In her medical facility, Dr. Jennifer is considered as one of the greatest assets to the establishment. With Jennifer Walden’s experience and expertise, the Texas residents can be proud of having a knowledgeable medical expert in their region.

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Roberto Santiago the Figure behind the Iconic Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is the owner of the biggest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa. Manaira Shopping has maintained a great relationship with its customers for a long time. The mall offers a variety of already existing concepts including fun, leisure, and comfort options to its clients. What sets out the region as unique is the beautiful beaches, rich cuisine, and unmatched sunsets that lighten the north eastern part of Joao Pessoa. It is this concept that Manaira Shopping concept has been built upon which has made it popular for its hospitality.


Varied Entertainment Venues

Cinema is one of the great highlights of the Marina Shopping mall. It features about 11 rooms which are fitted with modern technologies. The arrangement of the seats employs the stadium concept and features VIP rooms and 3D rooms as well. This way, clients can get wider visibility while enjoying the facilities. The mall also features a bar service which caters for all their customer’s tastes and preference by having a complete gourmet popcorn, drinks and candy. The mall has also pioneered on the concept of having a Game Station which is an electronic amusement park. It includes over 200 machines in 1800 square meters allocated to the games and ballroom. There is also a modern and audacious bowling lane in the mall that is electronic.


In addition to the fun and entertainment features available in the mall, the mall also has a shows, universities, and gyms ensuring that customers get full enjoyment of the available leisure options. The services that are offered at major shopping centers around the country have been made available at the Roberto Santiago enterprise. The customers based in Paraiba have developed a healthy relationship with this establishment.


About Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is the owner of the Joao Pessoa based shopping mall. He is a great entrepreneur who also owns Mangeira Shopping mall, a contemporary shopping center that dots the city. At the beginning of his career, Santiago worked at a café in Santa Rosa. He then invested in his cartonnage company which served as the foundation of his great career. The company dealt in the manufacture of utilitarian and decorative products. Presently, Santiago is a shrewd entrepreneur and his career in the field of business has shown great prospects. His passion for sports has seen him collect several trophies in kart and motocross championships.


Roberto Santiago was born in 1958 in Joao Pessoa. He initially attended Pio X Marist College for his studies and later attained his degree in Business Administration from a University Center of Joao Pessoa (UNIPE). He proceeded to the allotment area after his stint at the cartonnage company having gained valuable experience during that time.


Amicus Therapeutics Focuses on the Future

Amicus Therapeutics a biopharmaceutical company located in Cranbury, New Jersey. It was established in February 2002. The center of its interest is rare disorders, specifically a group of collected disorders called lysosomal storage disorders. Working towards developing therapies for these orphan and rare diseases, they have created many products, the flagship being migalastat. Migalastat is the first approved medicine for the rare Fabry disease. Rare orphan diseases affect less than 2000,000 people nationwide.

Amicus Therapeutics is helping treat these diseases caused by mutations with its advanced developing treatments. Amicus Therapeutics uses the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy (Chart) to advance its product development. The company is a pioneer in treating these rare genetic disorders and provides hope to patients around the globe. In addition to migalastat, Amicus Therapeutics is developing a clinical plan for Pompe disease and has a treatment for Epidermolysis Bullosa in phase 3 of clinical trials. Amicus Therapeutics deepens its commitment to treating these rare diseases by working with health care practitioners, those afflicted with these disorders and those that provide care for them. With the Amicus Patient and Professional Advocacy platform, Amicus Therapeutics utilizes a variety of initiatives help support provide support, including searching for better therapies, creating educational materials for people living with the disorders, and listening to ideas and feedback from individuals afflicted with these diseases.

Unlike other pharmaceutical companies, Amicus Therapeutics is known and renowned for its genuine ability to create products that are not watered down and actually affect the issue it was created to address. Recently, many medications that have been released to markets in the United States have been unethically produced or simply fraudulent (YahooFinance). Amicus Therapeutics continues to make every effort to stay ethical while effecting change and reaching new levels of achievement. With the release of migalastat, the company expects to keep prices at a level cost so that those that need it most can get it more easily (,-NJ-jobs.html).