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An Focus On Todd Lubar’s Career And Baltimore’s Real Estate Sector

The brunt of the real estate crisis continues to felt in the Baltimore area. However, the industry is showing signs of making a recovery. In April, bank-arbitrated sales, which are primarily foreclosures, fell by an estimated 7 percent in the Baltimore metro region compared to a year ago. Additionally, the homes were sold at a higher price. Because of the real estate crisis, Maryland made several changes to the regulations that made real estate rules more customers friendly. To this end, foreclosures took place at a slower pace in Maryland than in other states.

Following the progress experienced in the State’s distressed housing market, Baltimore’s median home sales increased by 6 percent. The same growth was experienced in a number of its surrounding counties starting in April 2015 to May 2016. The median price was $243,000, the highest since 2008.

Todd Lubar is has deep interest in the real estate sector. He began his career in the industry in 1995 immediately after graduating from Syracuse University with a B.A in speech communication. He knew that he wanted a career in the real estate business owing to his fascination with every aspect of the business and his passion for assisting others. Todd began his career by serving as loan originator for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. With time, he became an expert in conservative mortgage banking.

With eagerness to learn and know more about the real estate business, he formed relationships with real estate agents, CPA’s, financial planners, and insurance agents. Presently, these professionals have played a significant role of referring their friends to Todd’s business. In 1999, Todd accepted an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. Here, he was able to enhance his knowledge about lending. At the firm, he was in a position to lend like a direct mortgage bank and broker loans to different investors. With his exceptional skill set, Todd launched Legendary Properties, LLC.

Presently, Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures and the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. Owing to his transformative leadership, Lubar has held numerous leadership positions. He has also made many achievements, including expanding the Maryland Legacy Office into a production division having millions of dollars in annual loan volume. For many years, Lubar was ranked as one of the premier 25 mortgage originators nationwide.
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Kate Hudson vs. Amazon: Retail Titans Clash

Ok, maybe Fabletics isn’t really a titan in the retail world just yet, but Kate Hudson has her eye on Amazon’s 20% clothing market share. If she can make a significant dent, Fabletics may yet be reckoned a titan.


Fabletics Employs Reverse Showrooming

Throughout history, most stores began life as physical spaces where sellers displayed their offerings. From tents to five story buildings, these were showrooms. Customers had to physically visit such a place to see what was being offered.

Fabletics, through the magic of Ecommerce, introduced itself to our notice without any physical presence; it was exclusively a web store, enticing customers though images online rather than in showrooms.


Now that Fabletics has established its name somewhat, they are opening stores. The logic here is that the customer base founded online will extend their patronage to these physical entities. In this way, Fabletics has reversed the traditional showrooming concept. Turning showrooming backwards has become their method of reaching customers and they call it Reverse Showrooming.


Subscription Loyalty

Fabletics doubled their launch risk.

Not only did they debut as an exclusive online business, but they founded the business on subscription sales.

Many people have less than positive associations with subscriptions. Some people remember being bullied into magazine subscriptions because they were associated with another purchase. Some people have guilty feelings, remembering piles of books purchased through subscription and never read or returned.

However, Fabletics is also revising the old subscription model by taking the most egregious elements away. For example, unlike many traditional subscriptions that were almost impossible to terminate, Fabletics, while fervently hoping customers will be thrilled with their service, make ending the subscription as simple as possible.

Another aspect of subscriptions that many customers do not remember fondly is the difficulty of making returns. While Fabletics cannot visit your home, wrap up the items you want to return and carry them back to the warehouse for you, they do all they can to make returns and exchanges easy. Customers may return anything with which they are not satisfied for store credit, credit or merchandise replacement – that’s pretty easy.


Getting to Know You

As another flourish on this off-beat business approach, Fabletics subscribers, called VIP members in Fabletics lingo, are treated as true VIPs by being presented with a curated collection of clothing. By recording what is returned and what is retained by customers, supplemented by a short quiz on personal preferences, Fabletics learns each customer’s tastes. Subsequent selections are made by Fabletics stylists with those tastes and preferences guiding the selections.

This customization is a very new and remarkable twist on subscriptions and may well be the key to Fabletics success.


Future Titan

So, Fabletics may not yet be a titan of Ecommerce industry as Amazon is, but they may be taking the first baby steps toward that lofty title. Even Amazon did not begin as the megalith it currently is, so who knows of Fabletics unusual approach will work forever? Certainly, they are making a splash right now.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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How the Full Body Cleanse Can Promote Weight Loss


There are many people who take their weight loss programs seriously. There are some who will go out of their way to make sure that they get into shape. Whether it is through working out or through supplements, the trick is finding something which can help you lose weight the safest way.



If you are looking for ways to lose, consider using weight loss supplements and detox products by the company. They run a website which is solely dedicated to helping people turn around their lifestyle and get into shape. If you are one of these people, you should consider using their 20 day full body cleanse.



There are many people who have discovered and used the full body cleanse. One of these people is Sheryl Underwood. The celebrity has been on the weight loss journey for some years now. She is trying to stay healthy and achieve a smashing body. When she was trying to shed some weight she decided to try working out. It was while she was looking for something else to supplement her workout regimen that she stumbled upon the website.



What is the Full Body Cleanse



If you are looking for an herbal supplement that can help you get the toxins out of your system, consider using this product. it comes in a package with instructions on how to use it. Additionally, you will get support and assistance from their resourceful website. There are recipes which you can also try in order to make your 20 days of dieting interesting.



When you embark on the full body cleanse, you will be required to eat a diet which comprises raw foods. This is beneficial to anyone who would like to flush toxins out of their systems. The good news is that, just like Sheryl Underwood, you can be able to shed some pounds and get the body you want.



One of the benefits of the full body cleanse is that it is natural and it has no chemical ingredients. All you have to do is stick to a diet made of fresh foods and nuts and you are good to go. The foods can be taken in the form of smoothies, salads and other creative recipes which you will find on their website.



The health benefits of the full body cleanse include weight loss, lowered high blood pressure and an improved circulatory system. You can also benefit from a clean digestive system. This is one of the ways of clearing your mind as well. The people who have used the product are impressed by how clear the instructions are. For a change in lifestyle, choose this product today.

Detox Your Body and Mind with


Everyone is looking for that healthy way to lose weight or get rid of those stubborn couple of pounds that just won’t let go. The best way to do it is naturally with no harsh chemicals or ingredients in anything. But what exactly will be the best solution for you to try without wasting all of your money? has the solution you have been waiting for! They offer a 20 day cleanse that helps clean out your insides and get rid of the unwanted pounds naturally. This herbal-cleanse takes the guess work out of the cleansing process. When you get your order, you will notice that they also provide a 20 page booklet that outlines how this cleanse will work. They give you meal ideas, when to take each herb, and give you exercises to do to keep things moving! Activated charcoal is also included to help remove unwanted waste and toxins from your body.


Celebrities that have purchased the 20 day cleanse from include Sheryl Underwood and Steve Harvey. Sheryl was shocked how quickly she lost weight. She went down 6 pounds in less than a week. Steve referred to the cleanse as an “internal shower for your body” since it gets rid of all of the nasty stuff that gets stuck inside of us from poor diets and polluted air.

Other perks to using the cleanse that people have noticed include a clearer complexion, more energy, less cravings, and a better immune system. When you look better you feel better and removing the toxins inside your body reflects on the outside of your body. You won’t need to go back to the drug store to get that special face wash. While taking this you will also find yourself more alert and productive throughout the day! The healthier eating choices on the program and after the program also play a part in that. Better eating habits and snacking choices will reflect how you look and feel.


Everyone gets in a diet slump. That’s why has the 20 day cleanse. This will get rid of some extra pounds and reset your system. It will also help you along with better eating habits and exercise ideas while boosting your energy and positive outlook! The only think you have to lose with this herbal cleanse is those nasty toxins that are holding you back.  See examples of what real people have accomplished on the Instagram page, or you can also check out their Pinterest for recipes and neat ideas to help you lose weight in a healthy way.

Keeping The Lips Smooth And Moist With Evolution of Smooth

It is important to keep the lips smooth. For one thing, dry and chapped lips can cause a lot of problems. At the very least, dry and chapped lips draw attention to themselves. There are a lot of symptoms that could come from dry and chapped lips. Among the symptoms that one has to face is itching and pealing lips. Of course people handle chapped lips in a different manner. Some may find themselves peeling their lips which can irritate the lips even worse. Fortunately, there are other solutions to the problem which can actually make things better. This is in the form of lip balm.

One form of lip balm is Evolution Of Smooth. EOS lip balm is very innovative when it comes to solving the problem of chapped lips. It takes care of the inflammation in ways that other lip balms fail to do. For one thing, the lip balm that is offered by the company is created with Shea butter and jojoba oil. This makes EOS not only great for moisturizing lips, but also good for restoring the health of the lips so that people will not have to deal with chapped lips.

To make things even better, EOS( comes in many different flavors. These flavors also make it very tasty. People will not only get to enjoy the benefits of EOS lip balm, but they will also enjoy the great taste of strawberry sorbet, acai, pomegranate and plenty of other flavors. So not only will they get to enjoy the lip moisturizing benefits of EOS lip balm, but they will also remember to keep applying the lip balm because of the great flavors that they get to experience. As more people learn about the benefits of EOS products, they will see that this is one of the top options for lip restoration.

For more information, visit the EOS Facebook page.

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Dubai is a place that was previously associated with oil businesses, but today it has proven to be dream home besides the long-term business notion. Hussain Sajwani, often referred by many as the billionaire developer, is among the few notable individuals who have contributed significantly to changing people’s notion about his hometown.

The 63-years old, Hussain Sajwani, is a resident of United Arab Emirates. He is the founder of DAMAC Properties, a renowned residential real estate developer. Hussain was not from a well to do family. His father owned a store in town where he used to work. His mother, on the other hand, used to hawk goods around their place of residence. Hussain says that his business experience dates back to his childhood since he was involved either directly or indirectly in his parents’ businesses.

Sajwani’s success stories date back to his young age. In 1978, he was among the few lucky students who won government scholarships to study in the United States. He joined the University of Washington where he graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. Upon graduation, Sajwani returned to his hometown filled with the urge to transform it into a home of the dream.

Upon returning, Hussain got his first job as a contracts manager in GASCO, a subsidiary of the renowned Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Since his tender age, Sajwani is known to be a risk-taker when it comes to a chase for luck. In 1982, the successful business person set out to venture on his own. He established Draieh Management Services, a catering service provider that eventually became DAMAC Group.

DAMAC, a real estate company that he established in 2002, earned Sajwani a global recognition. To him, he was just utilizing a decree issued by the government which allowed foreigners to own properties little did he have a clue that it was going to be a breakthrough in his life.

Initially, the company was associated with incredible offers, such as the issuance of an exotic car upon purchase of a luxurious property. However, over time, DAMAC Properties has engaged in massive projects that have seen Dubai transformed into a luxurious home. Not long ago, Sajwani partnered with Donald Trump on golf courses project little did he know that he was going to be partnering with the POTUS.

When it comes to business, Trump is one among the few individuals with the necessary skills to run for the money. Hence, a partnership with Sajwani is evident that the Dubai-based tycoon is a mogul in real estate business. Besides, Hussain and Trump are very close friends. Before Trump joined the political field, both families used to visit one another. Despite Trump declaring to cease his engagements in business, Hussain says that their partnership is meant to continue through Trump’s children. To Hussain, Trump’s presidency is a chance for new developments in his hometown.


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Ricardo Guimaraes, The President of BMG Bank of Brazil

Ricardo Guimaraes is the current President of BMG Bank and a mining tycoon. He is the son of famous Brazilian businessman Pentagna Guimaraes. Since 1998, Ricardo is very active in his family’s business. His grandfather founded the Banco de Credito Predial in 1930 which developed the Guimaraes Family’s relationship with the country’s financial sector. Ricardo Guimaraes is credited with making BMG Bank the leader of payroll loans and personal loans in the country. He is known as a skillful administrator who restructured the banking system and reduced interest rates. In 2012, Ricardo Guimaraes and Executive President of Itau Bank announced the joint venture of BMG Bank and Itau Bank. According to Executive Vice President of BMG Marcio Alaor, Ricardo Guimaraes does not advertises himself and works quietly to get things done. It just took three days for Ricardo to negotiate the deal successfully.



According to the deal made by Ricardo, the new organization started operating in Sao Paulo with a capital of one billion US dollars. BMG Bank had thirty percent of the shares while Itau Bank controlled seventy percent of the shares. Marcio Alaor said that the negotiations began on Saturday where Ricardo proposed the joint venture of Itau and BMG. The deal did not affect BMG’s previous status. BMG was previously operating with a monthly deductible payroll loans of five hundred million US dollar. The new institution began operating with a monthly amount of eight hundred million US dollar. The deal brought three million customers to the new institution and made BMG one of the top ten banks in Brazil. The collection board was given to BMG while other boards were given to Itau Bank. Ricardo Guimaraes explained that the bank’s primary focus would be on car financing and loans. Later, the business would also include products like credit cards. Ricardo said it is a win-win deal for both banks.



Two research institutes including a British research institute released their study about Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Guimaraes. It says that Ricardo is a man with great creativity and vision, but he lacks proactivity. Both research institutions asked questions to nine thousand respondents about Ricardo Guimaraes’ BMG Bank. According to the study, the ‘big dream’ score was the highest while the proactivity score was the lowest. BMG Bank is very popular in Brazil for valuing the sports talent. The Bank is the main sponsor of different teams belonging to different categories of the sports. Ricardo Guimaraes often says that it is important to support athletes because they are very disciplined professionals who are committed and devoted to their goals. BMG values what athletes do. Ricardo also said that BMG’s partnership with different sports teams shows how much his organization recognized sports and committed to supporting them.

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