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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi – Bradesco Bank

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi recently took over as president of Bradesco Bank of Brazil. Lazaro De Mello Brandao was the former president who worked at the bank for approximately 75 years. He retired from the presidency of the Board of Directors, however, he still oversees the operations of the group holdings. The current resignation of the former CEO has opened up the new position, which they hope to fill soon. The process of the operation will take some time as the replacement position has some very big shoes to fill. According to Trabuco, the banking organization is complex and precision is very important when choosing someone to fulfill the position as the new CEO. They want to ensure that the newest member will fully succeed and ensure that they exhibit experience with solid expertise.

The timing of the announcement was a surprise, however, the plan was already set in place and will be executed with an organized structure. Many have insight on who will become the next CEO and have recently aimed towards the direction of Mauricio Minas. He was responsible for the revolution of technology involved within the institution. He also worked on the assimilation of HSBC and the structure of the institution’s digital bank called Next.

The debate still remains open among the other six vice presidents of the institution according to Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu currently serves as the vice president of treasury and credit. Alexandre da Silva Gluher serves as the director of investor relations. Marcelo de Araugo Noronha works in the area of investment banking and Andre Rodrigues Cano who is in charge of Human Resources. Josue Augusto Pancini is the vice president of the service network and for Prime. Octavio of Lazari Junior is the president of Bradesco Seguros. All candidates have many years of experience, however, Gluher is the most experienced as he has played a very large role in the structure of HSBC.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will most likely have a lot of pull in the overall decision regarding the CEO position. The transition into the position, once the candidate is picked, will be a fairly easy transaction that focuses on two main reasons. The first reason is that Bradesco has a line up of many talented individuals who hold high leadership skills from a wide array of areas. The second reason involves the solid corporation of the bank and its valid structure.

Bradesco Bank is one of the largest banking financial services in Brazil. It served as the largest private bank until Banco Itau and Unibanco merged together in 2009. Bradesco bank is headquartered in the city of Osasco which is in the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo. The bank has over 5,000 branches with over 4,800 Service Branches. They also have over 38,000 Bradesco Expresso Units through different partnerships with department stores, supermarkets, and drugstores. Bradesco Bank is currently the third largest bank in Brazil by record of total assets.

Bradesco Bank is constantly expanding and currently offers Internet Banking, insurance, annuities, pension plans, credit card services, personal loans, commercial loans, savings bonds and leasing services. They have recently acquired Banco do Estado do Maranhao, Banco Mercanti de Sao Paulo, American Express, HSBC Brasil and many others. The bank continues to make constant strides in positive directions. Their long-term employees are fully dedicated and committed to the overall structure and enhancements of the bank. It’s continuous success in all areas make the bank a prestigious and very sought after bank that many choose to do business with. They continue to provide excellent services with many different options suitable to meet the needs of many.

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Ricardo Guimaraes, The President of BMG Bank of Brazil

Ricardo Guimaraes is the current President of BMG Bank and a mining tycoon. He is the son of famous Brazilian businessman Pentagna Guimaraes. Since 1998, Ricardo is very active in his family’s business. His grandfather founded the Banco de Credito Predial in 1930 which developed the Guimaraes Family’s relationship with the country’s financial sector. Ricardo Guimaraes is credited with making BMG Bank the leader of payroll loans and personal loans in the country. He is known as a skillful administrator who restructured the banking system and reduced interest rates. In 2012, Ricardo Guimaraes and Executive President of Itau Bank announced the joint venture of BMG Bank and Itau Bank. According to Executive Vice President of BMG Marcio Alaor, Ricardo Guimaraes does not advertises himself and works quietly to get things done. It just took three days for Ricardo to negotiate the deal successfully.



According to the deal made by Ricardo, the new organization started operating in Sao Paulo with a capital of one billion US dollars. BMG Bank had thirty percent of the shares while Itau Bank controlled seventy percent of the shares. Marcio Alaor said that the negotiations began on Saturday where Ricardo proposed the joint venture of Itau and BMG. The deal did not affect BMG’s previous status. BMG was previously operating with a monthly deductible payroll loans of five hundred million US dollar. The new institution began operating with a monthly amount of eight hundred million US dollar. The deal brought three million customers to the new institution and made BMG one of the top ten banks in Brazil. The collection board was given to BMG while other boards were given to Itau Bank. Ricardo Guimaraes explained that the bank’s primary focus would be on car financing and loans. Later, the business would also include products like credit cards. Ricardo said it is a win-win deal for both banks.



Two research institutes including a British research institute released their study about Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Guimaraes. It says that Ricardo is a man with great creativity and vision, but he lacks proactivity. Both research institutions asked questions to nine thousand respondents about Ricardo Guimaraes’ BMG Bank. According to the study, the ‘big dream’ score was the highest while the proactivity score was the lowest. BMG Bank is very popular in Brazil for valuing the sports talent. The Bank is the main sponsor of different teams belonging to different categories of the sports. Ricardo Guimaraes often says that it is important to support athletes because they are very disciplined professionals who are committed and devoted to their goals. BMG values what athletes do. Ricardo also said that BMG’s partnership with different sports teams shows how much his organization recognized sports and committed to supporting them.

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