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Amicus Therapeutics Focuses on the Future

Amicus Therapeutics a biopharmaceutical company located in Cranbury, New Jersey. It was established in February 2002. The center of its interest is rare disorders, specifically a group of collected disorders called lysosomal storage disorders. Working towards developing therapies for these orphan and rare diseases, they have created many products, the flagship being migalastat. Migalastat is the first approved medicine for the rare Fabry disease. Rare orphan diseases affect less than 2000,000 people nationwide.

Amicus Therapeutics is helping treat these diseases caused by mutations with its advanced developing treatments. Amicus Therapeutics uses the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy (Chart) to advance its product development. The company is a pioneer in treating these rare genetic disorders and provides hope to patients around the globe. In addition to migalastat, Amicus Therapeutics is developing a clinical plan for Pompe disease and has a treatment for Epidermolysis Bullosa in phase 3 of clinical trials. Amicus Therapeutics deepens its commitment to treating these rare diseases by working with health care practitioners, those afflicted with these disorders and those that provide care for them. With the Amicus Patient and Professional Advocacy platform, Amicus Therapeutics utilizes a variety of initiatives help support provide support, including searching for better therapies, creating educational materials for people living with the disorders, and listening to ideas and feedback from individuals afflicted with these diseases.

Unlike other pharmaceutical companies, Amicus Therapeutics is known and renowned for its genuine ability to create products that are not watered down and actually affect the issue it was created to address. Recently, many medications that have been released to markets in the United States have been unethically produced or simply fraudulent (YahooFinance). Amicus Therapeutics continues to make every effort to stay ethical while effecting change and reaching new levels of achievement. With the release of migalastat, the company expects to keep prices at a level cost so that those that need it most can get it more easily (,-NJ-jobs.html).