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Adam Milstein: The Principles of Philanthropy

When a person chooses to pursue a path of philanthropy, there are certain aspects they hold dear. Among those are being active with any organization they choose to help, letting others reach their full potential, and providing the guidance and assistance needed to let others forge a life path to success. For people like Adam Milstein, keeping these principles in mind at all times has been the key to becoming one of the world’s best philanthropists. As an advocate of Jewish heritage and education, Adam has used his talents over the years to help people of all ages not only learn more about Jewish heritage, but also apply it to a variety of causes that have helped others around the world.


Invest Time and Expertise

According to Adam Milstein, being an active philanthropist means not only investing money in a group or organization, but also time and expertise. By doing so, Adam Milstein is able to work with people of diverse backgrounds to develop ways to help alleviate poverty, allow for more educational opportunities, and so much more.


The Life Path

Perhaps most of all, Adam Milstein knows how important it is to help people young and old develop a life path that will make them happy now and in the years ahead. To accomplish this, Adam and his wife Gila regularly seek out organizations that feel the same way. In doing so, they can work closely with leaders of organizations to develop programs that are specifically customized to assisting those most in need. A great example of this is the Milstein Family Foundation, founded by Adam and Gila. By using the resources available through their foundation, they have been able to help families make communities stronger, and also help students at all levels of education make their schools stronger as well, and

Whether helping plan a fundraiser for a local school or investing money into programs to get books in the hands of Jewish families in Israel and the United States, Adam Milstein continues to keep the important principles of philanthropy close to his heart each and every day, and Adam on Facebook.

A Review: The Benefits Of AvaTrade For The Success Of Their Clients

AvaTrade  review is used by investors as an online trading platform. It helps analyze the Forex market, and provides traders with guidance and in-depth information. The platform offers lower risks with higher rewards, provides the current value of currency and exchanges, and helps traders decide when to make a move. AvaTrade is regulated as a Forex Broker, and provides tailor-made solutions. The platform details are based on the specific needs of the traders. Since not all traders enter the same market with Forex or CFD’s, AvaTrade offers several trading platforms.

A successful trader must know the spreads, when to trade, buy, sell or hold certain commodities. AvaTrade provides the necessary guidance so traders know when to move, or sit it out. This ensures optimal returns for investments and trades. With AvaTrade, traders work with the industry’s professional brokers. These are licensed professionals who understand the trends, market, and how to turn a profit. This means traders are not relying on just the software or platform, but actual CFD and Forex brokers.

AvaTrade provides financial tools and instruments for success in trading. This includes product and market information, their growth in Forex, and the changes that have occurred. AvaTrade offers investment analysis, and in-depth guidance regarding the expected profits. AvaTrade provides critical guidance in the foreign markets, and the trading platforms and mobile apps encompass trading in stocks, currencies, traded funds, commodities, bitcoins and bonds.

The finance experts who created AvaTrade were led by Kronitz and Nosatzki. Their goal was the creation of a Forex broker with a customer service orientation to better assist traders. The group began as AvaFX, but in 2013 the name was changed to AvaTrade. This was a better reflection of the expansion of the company beyond a forex brokerage. Their services broadened to include indices such as the Standard & Poor and the Dow Jones, stocks, bonds and commodities. The year was 2013 when AvaTrade was able to announce their registered customer accounts had reached 200,000. These accounts were located in more than 160 countries. The corresponding investments are in excess of two million transactions every month.

More on AvaTrade and helpful reviews at Trader Asset

The Oxford Club Investment Repository

The Oxford Club is a fully fledged international private club with a membership spanning over 100 different countries across the globe, and also affiliate unique clubhouses in these nations. It was founded in 1989 in Baltimore, Maryland, with the aim of providing top-notch investment research and has more than 80,000 members currently. These members include renown investors and entrepreneurs. The mission of Oxford Club entails the creation of sustainable wealth and have a holistic improvement in the quality of life of the members. The benefits that accrue to these members include information on well-researched investments opportunities that enable them to maximize their profits.

To provide quality information to its members, the Oxford Club has a prolific editorial team led by Wall Street veteran and New York bestselling author, Alexander Green and Marc Lichtenfeld as the Associate Investment Director. The editorial team has been able to provide members with clear-cut opportunities for maximising their market returns and establishing a sustainable wealth. Thanks to this team members have been able to share information using online platforms, seminars, and financial tours.

The Oxford club has three monthly publications; these include Investment U and Wealthy Retirement which offer free educational advisories and other premium research packages. Apart from the monthly editions, the club also has a flagship newsletter known as The Oxford Communique. This newsletter features Alexander Green’s insights on a plethora investment opportunities and has been consistently ranked in the top-performing portfolio.Other newsletters include the Oxford Income Letter and the Oxford Resource Explorer.

There are several trading services offered by the Oxford Club mainly, automatic trading millionaire, the insider alert, oxford bond advantage, the momentum alert, prime system trader, true value alert, the Viper alert among others,

The club offers membership at different levels namely premium memberships enjoyed by those who have subscribed to the clubs paid publications and is subject to annual renewal, Director’s Circle Membership which consists the clubs lifelong members and chairman’s circle membership. The chairman’s life membership is the most prestigious level since it offers unique features besides the unlimited access to the club’s publications.

Siteline Cabinetry Customized to Suite Client’s Needs

Siteline Cabinetry is a Corsi Group brand that is pre-engineered and produced using the latest equipment. The brand which was introduced by the Group in 2015 has amazing features, competitive pricing and a lead time of 4-5 weeks at maximum. In addition, Siteline provides a wide range of pre-configured cabinets and accessories.

Corsi Group Company are the people behind Siteline Cabinetry. The Company has vast expertise in the cabinet building industry has been in the industry for over four decades now. The firm is headquartered in Indiana and maintains other offices in Elkins, Virginia, West Virginia and Keysville. Besides owning and operating their offices, the company has also authorized dealers and representatives who are spread across the United States.

Corsi Groups makes cabinets using the latest most advanced technologies and have a team of professionals who pay attention to detail. Moreover, the company makes products that are CARB-compliant and meet the national safety standards and are durable. Corsi Group is a member of some notable associations in the industry among them is the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association and National Kitchen and Bath Association among others.

Besides Siteline Corsi Group also makes other different brands of cabinets all of which have distinct construction materials, design and finishes.

Corsi Group was founded by Pat Corsi in 1973. The company started off as a small cabinet business and grew slowly with every innovation and design. The company boasts of having completed more than 50,000 projects in the over 40 years that it has been operational. Corsi Group successes are attributed to the amazing team of professionals which consists of designers, project managers, service representatives, master artisans and authorized dealers all of whom are working towards a common goal of ensuring that the company achieves its objectives.

Siteline Cabinetry makes a wide range of cabinets for different places in your house such as the kitchen, closets and laundry areas including for offices. Siteline cabinetries are designed according to a customer’s tastes and preferences.

Siteline is the go-to brand for all your cabinetry desires as it has a wide array of Door styles, finishes and color and can also help you remodel your kitchen, bathrooms and dining rooms among many other places in your home.

Paul Mamphilly on viable stock investments

Stock investment is all about making the right investment decision and at the right time. For people who are able to read the signs of time and make good predictions on the likely direction, an economic sector will take. Investing early in stock is likely to attract the biggest pay. Although many people do not know how the stock market works, there is information available for anyone willing to invest in the stock market. One person who has dedicated his life to assisting people to make the right is

Paul Mamphilly. Paul is a former hedge fund manager at Wall Street. He owns a newsletter known as Profit Unlimited. Subscribers of the newsletter enjoy crystal clear analysis that he regularly provides on the state of stock markets in the world and

Paul Mamphilly educates the people on various investment opportunities that are available in the world today. He advises people to take a keen look into the industries that are likely to grow going into the future. One area that he recommends every stock market trader to focus on is the technology sector. According to Mamphilly technological trends are likely to generate the best returns to those who will take advantage of them and Paul mamphilly’s lacrosse camp.

Paul states the case of investors in cell phone industries as some of the people who have reaped big. Cell phone industry has been booming with business for about a decade now. Those who foresaw it coming and made investments are now enjoying huge profits.

In the future, one industry that will be lucrative is the electric car manufacturing sector. According to Paul Mamphilly, electric cars are becoming more appealing to many Americans. The current gasoline cars are expensive to maintain and are not environmentally friendly. Electric cars are expected to sell more in coming days, and therefore, anyone looking to invest in the industry now will be a happy person in years to come. It is one of the best stock investment deals currently and his Linkedin.

Another area of interest in the future is the precision medicine industry. In the future, it will be easy to diagnose diseases such as cancer with ease. Precision medicine will create an opportunity for the customized medicine to be developed depending on one’s genetics and more information click here.

Finally, another sector that will be doing good going into the future is the hospitality industry. Many Americans are by day opting to eat hotels and restaurants foods. However, Paul Mamphilly observes something interesting in the field. Although people want hotel and restaurants foods, they want it delivered to their location. Therefore the food delivery systems are expected to be a worthy investment in the future.

Daniel Mark Harrison: The Prince of Cryptocurrency

The industry is so new that it is prbably too early to give out title like queens, dukes and kings, but for now, Daniel Mark Harrison could be called the prince of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencty is currency that is created by a computer. Some examples of cryptocurency are ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin and electroneum. This kind of currency has existed since the late 200s and the most famous cryptocurrency is bitcoin.

It has been mentioned on TV shows like The Good Wife and Scorpion. The Good Wife actually devoted a whole episode to this currency. A bad guy on Scorpion after kidnapping somebody wanted to be paid in bitcoin.

Bitcoin is not just the most famous. It is also the most valuable. Today, it is worth about $4,000. It is more valuable than gold.

Danie Mark Harrison’s involvement in the crypyocurrency industry by being managing partner of Monkey Capital and Fintech. They are involved in Blockchain funding.

Anyone that uses bitcoin would be familiar with the word Blockchain. When a person sends a bitcoin, they send it through what is called a Blockchain. Blockchain is the wire of the cryptocurrency world.

Harrison has been successful from being involved in ICOs. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. An ICO introduces a new virtual coin and hopefully it will attract enough interest that people will start using to buy things.

Harrison and Monkey Capital have been so good at ICOs that it has received recognition. The nationally syndicated radio Chris Waltzek has rated his company 6 our of 5 stars. Huffington Post has called it “the billion dollar baboon.”

When he is not selling new virtual coins, he volunteers as a columnist at and Asian Emerging Markets Motley Fool. He did previously work as writer at US finance journals, Credit Flux in Debtm Index Universe New York and Hard Assets. He is an author and has written two books. Harrison also runs his own company. He is currently based in Singapore.

Louis Chenevert’s Business Accomplishments

Louis Chenevert is the former United Technologies Chief executive. Louis left United Technologies after helping them accomplish a lot. He voluntarily retired from the company which was a shock to many people.
Chenevert is also a lover of yachts and has gotten involved in building three ships so far. Married to Debbie Lou. They have two daughters and four grandchildren. Since his appointment as the eighth person occupying the seat at United Technologies, there has been a substantial increase in the productivity of the company. He proved to be a great leader after the company’s returns to shareholders increased significantly. The company’s growth from his election to the seat rose from 25% to over 60%.
Louis Chenevert set a firm project to investigate research disciplines. He believed that knowing what strategies fellow company’s used to succeed would enable the company better itself. Louis has proved to be a great inspiration to many people. When participating in Emba orientation day, he encouraged the individuals involved in it telling them that all jobs can be done by anyone and achieve perfection. Louis also urged the people always to be ready to take risks. This is because new opportunities bring about challenges and with persistence success will get accomplished. He also encouraged them to always seek knowledge and advice from people experienced in the field of business they want to venture.
After Chenevert’s resignation from United Technologies, Gregory J. Hayes took the seat. He had been its chief financial officer for a while. Most past chief Executives at United Technologies had always been from business operations. Hayes who succeeded the Louis’ seat broke the monotony by being from the finance side. The United Technologies has remained to be the largest private business that employs a lot of people in Connecticut. Currently, Louis is now focusing on targeting new opportunities in aerospace and industrial sector. He is also focusing on advising upcoming businesses for them to achieve success in their ventures.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel: Advancements in Dental Sleep Medicine

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the CEO and Founder of the Dental Sleep Masters Company based in New Jersey. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has more than three decades of professional experience working towards becoming part of the solution to the numerous problems facing his clients in the industry. For this reason, his sufficient business model plans have used to work for his benefits in a manner that depicts better business. Dr. Avi Weisfogel commenced his [private practice right after graduating from the New York School of Dentistry with the highest honors. Dr. Avi Weisfogel founded the Old Bridge Dental Company that strives to achieve the gap between dentistry and its solution among the specific patients.

During the first week of his practice, Dr. Avi Weisfogel worked to develop one of the most sophisticated business platforms that allowed him to provide the medical solution to sleep apnea using dentistry. During that time, he had limited experience treating the sleep apnea medical condition. However, he did not achieve any further solution because he took much of his time developing the solutions in dentistry. For this reason, Dr. Avi Weisfogel is known as one of the most proficient dentists in the industry.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel also founded the Healthy Heart Company that strives to develop a working solution for those who want to be connected to the medical industry across the world. This company connects thousands of physicians and health officials all over the world. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has a reputation that will never be broken in and out of the United States for his great contribution in sleep apnea medical condition.

After a day’s work, the best thing you could ever give yourself is enough sleep. Enough sleep prepares your brain and body for the next day. The body needs time to repair itself from the dead cells out of the busy day, for this reason, you might consider specifying your intended capabilities for a brighter day in the industry. A normal person needs atleast seven hours of sleep. This means that more sleep is beneficial aside from what people say. It is a sign of laziness. However, Dr. Avi Weisfogel recommends enough sleep for longevity.

Waiakea Water: What Makes it the Perfect Drinking Water?

What is so important about water?

As you may already know most of your body is made of up to 60% water and depending on what water you drink will greatly affect the nutrients you regain.

Waiakea believes that the type of water that we put in our bodies is very important to our daily health, perhaps that is why they are ranked 414 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest expanding companies in the US, growing 4000% since starting the company.
In fact, this brand is going to be celebrated among the list of honored elite companies at this year’s 2017 Inc. 5000 Conference happening on October 10th in California.

Founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons as the first Volcanic water brand in Hawaii to hit the market, Waiakea strives to provide the most eco-friendly, charitable, healthiest premium water, that will create a positive impact in people’s lives.

The company globally conscious about the land, the planet and the people within it which is the reason they focus on water with natural beneficial levels of alkaline from the melting snows and rainfalls on the volcano peak of Mauna Loa.
The water is also enhanced with minerals since it gets filtered through rock lava that gives its delicious rich taste.

Waiakea has been given many awards for their achievements such as:

• The Food and Beverage Innovation Award in 2015
• Best Biz Awards in 2015
• Dujour Awards
• The Finalist, Packaging Design and Taste Awards
• Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative and Best Packaged Water
• Best in Show
• Second Leading Bottled Water Brands 2016 globally

They have also been labeled as the #1 volcanic bottled water of 2017.

The company currently has a valuation of $10 million and went from just selling 2,304 cases of water to 122,400 in the span of 3 1/2 years.
Though Waiakea is growing at a fast rate they don’t have any plans to slow down anytime soon but they are not all about profits as they have partnered with Pump Aid.
Through Pump Aid, Waiakea has helped over 1.35 million people in Africa get access to clean water and has helped to provide education for more children, aid in malnutrition and water-borne illnesses.

When you buy award-winning Waiakea water know that you are investing in your health and a charitable growing company.

Beneful Benificial at Walmart

What better place to purchase great quality dog food than Wal-Mart? Beneful can be purchased at Walmart with reasonable pricing as the wet food ranges from six to seven, and dry ranges from thirteen dollars to twenty six depending upon the weight. This is very affordable and to top is all off, there are coupons and ways you can save on your next purchases. Things like ordering online can give you options of up to even twenty percent off. Not only that, but you also have the option of buying your Beneful dog food with real salmon, and other ingredients. Purchasing the dog food with real ingredients are the same as purchasing the dry Beneful dog food so no extra money being spent there. The rollback prices can be found online and you can actually save more money ordering it online and picking it up saves from paying for shipping and what Beneful knows.