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Adam Milstein: The Principles of Philanthropy

When a person chooses to pursue a path of philanthropy, there are certain aspects they hold dear. Among those are being active with any organization they choose to help, letting others reach their full potential, and providing the guidance and assistance needed to let others forge a life path to success. For people like Adam Milstein, keeping these principles in mind at all times has been the key to becoming one of the world’s best philanthropists. As an advocate of Jewish heritage and education, Adam has used his talents over the years to help people of all ages not only learn more about Jewish heritage, but also apply it to a variety of causes that have helped others around the world.


Invest Time and Expertise

According to Adam Milstein, being an active philanthropist means not only investing money in a group or organization, but also time and expertise. By doing so, Adam Milstein is able to work with people of diverse backgrounds to develop ways to help alleviate poverty, allow for more educational opportunities, and so much more.


The Life Path

Perhaps most of all, Adam Milstein knows how important it is to help people young and old develop a life path that will make them happy now and in the years ahead. To accomplish this, Adam and his wife Gila regularly seek out organizations that feel the same way. In doing so, they can work closely with leaders of organizations to develop programs that are specifically customized to assisting those most in need. A great example of this is the Milstein Family Foundation, founded by Adam and Gila. By using the resources available through their foundation, they have been able to help families make communities stronger, and also help students at all levels of education make their schools stronger as well, and

Whether helping plan a fundraiser for a local school or investing money into programs to get books in the hands of Jewish families in Israel and the United States, Adam Milstein continues to keep the important principles of philanthropy close to his heart each and every day, and Adam on Facebook.

Joel Friant – Shaking the Way to Success

Joel Friant is a great entrepreneur. He has been called an enthusiast of the free market and a proponent of democracy. He has a knack for producing great products and inventing home-based businesses. He knows what it takes to succeed and has the drive to make it happen. When working with others to help them succeed, he has employed the techniques of subconscious success training in order to help individuals succeed beyond their wildest dreams. It doesn’t matter what profession you choose, with help, anyone can succeed.

Joel Friant has engaged in real estate, home remodeling, and the restaurant business. During his time in real estate, he would buy homes, remodel them, and flip them for a profit. It was very lucrative. His best ventures were buying homes that had been foreclosed on and rehabbing them.

He has been credited with inventing the nation’s first “Fast Food Thai Concept.” Many people in America know him as “The Thai Guy.” During this time, 1995, he created what would become a favorite treat in America: The Habanero Shaker.

The Habanero Shaker has been sold across the country in major grocery store chains. Joel has marketed himself throughout Washington State and across the West Coast. The shaker has been called the most flavorful experience someone can add to their food. This is because habaneros are some of the best peppers to add for flavor. They are the hottest chili peppers in the world and have a great culinary reputation. The amount of heat is unmistakable and when you taste the Habanero Shaker you’re in for a treat. The Scoville Heat Scale, the habanero pepper averages 200,000 scoville units. That is enough to break the charts! By eating habanero peppers, you are increasing your health and happiness. The endorphins in your body are released and make you feel a rush of happiness. That’s right, habaneros make you happy!

Joel Friant knew this going into business and has brought his great seasoning back to the world. The Habanero Shaker is a crowd favorite and is here to stay. The world loves a good hot pepper!

Open Society Foundations is Creating a Better Society for America

There are many rich and powerful people in this world who use their power to influence others and bring about goodness and change. One of the most famous rich influencers that America has ever known is George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. His non-profit has long plagued the political right with its staunch opposition to their policies, viewing them as bigoted and evil. Soros is proud that he is a far-left liberal, leanings that he solidified while he was working as a porter and waiter so that he could pay for his education at the London School of Economics.

After graduating, he went on to start a hedge fund called Soros Fund Management. Soros’s net worth ballooned to over $25 billion while managing this hedge fund, and he used this money to fund political campaigns of like-minded liberal politicians. George Soros has been politically active for his entire adult life, much to the chagrin of the political right, and more information click here.

In 2004 he donated a record-breaking $27 million to the Democratic National Convention to be used for John Kerry’s presidential bid. Soros did this in the hopes of unseating incumbent president George W. Bush. George W. Bush eventually went on to win a second term, and Soros moved on to finding new candidates to support in the 2008 run.

Soros originally favored longtime friend Hilary Clinton, however, as he saw the meteoric rise of Senator Barrack Obama, he switched his allegiance and bankrolled his campaign. Soros, however, would regret this decision immensely. Soros felt that Obama did not push his agenda quite left enough, and he apologized to Hilary Clinton for not supporting her, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

After Barak Obama’s eight years were up, Soros officially supported Hilary Clinton’s bid for the presidency knowing she would continue pushing for the leftist cause. His motivation to help Mrs. Clinton skyrocketed when he realized that her opponent, Donald Trump, had a chance of winning the White House. Soros donated $25 million to Clinton through the DNC during the 2016 election. He would give an additional $1.5 million to Democratic Senators to bolster the presence of Democrats in Congress. He despised Trump and viewed him as mentally unstable, and vowed to keep him out of the White House. Trump did eventually go on to defeat Hilary Clinton in the unprecedented 2016 election, much to the disgust of Soros, and follow his Twitter.

Soros vowed to obstruct Trump’s agenda at every turn since he was unsuccessful in keeping the madman out of office. Soros began his obstruction plan early, and the day after Donald Trump took office, he organized and funded a protest march in honor of women’s rights which saw protesters across the country marching in pink hats. Soros has also donated to causes he sees as threatened by the Trump presidency, including Super Pacs such as Planned Parenthood Votes and Immigrant Voters Win. American Bridge 21st Century is another a Super Pac supported by Soros which seeks to use fact-checking as a means to target Republican candidates.

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Siteline Cabinetry Customized to Suite Client’s Needs

Siteline Cabinetry is a Corsi Group brand that is pre-engineered and produced using the latest equipment. The brand which was introduced by the Group in 2015 has amazing features, competitive pricing and a lead time of 4-5 weeks at maximum. In addition, Siteline provides a wide range of pre-configured cabinets and accessories.

Corsi Group Company are the people behind Siteline Cabinetry. The Company has vast expertise in the cabinet building industry has been in the industry for over four decades now. The firm is headquartered in Indiana and maintains other offices in Elkins, Virginia, West Virginia and Keysville. Besides owning and operating their offices, the company has also authorized dealers and representatives who are spread across the United States.

Corsi Groups makes cabinets using the latest most advanced technologies and have a team of professionals who pay attention to detail. Moreover, the company makes products that are CARB-compliant and meet the national safety standards and are durable. Corsi Group is a member of some notable associations in the industry among them is the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association and National Kitchen and Bath Association among others.

Besides Siteline Corsi Group also makes other different brands of cabinets all of which have distinct construction materials, design and finishes.

Corsi Group was founded by Pat Corsi in 1973. The company started off as a small cabinet business and grew slowly with every innovation and design. The company boasts of having completed more than 50,000 projects in the over 40 years that it has been operational. Corsi Group successes are attributed to the amazing team of professionals which consists of designers, project managers, service representatives, master artisans and authorized dealers all of whom are working towards a common goal of ensuring that the company achieves its objectives.

Siteline Cabinetry makes a wide range of cabinets for different places in your house such as the kitchen, closets and laundry areas including for offices. Siteline cabinetries are designed according to a customer’s tastes and preferences.

Siteline is the go-to brand for all your cabinetry desires as it has a wide array of Door styles, finishes and color and can also help you remodel your kitchen, bathrooms and dining rooms among many other places in your home.