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Fabletic’s New Marketing Strategy

It’s easy to forget what shopping was like just a few years ago. Back in those days, customers based their purchase decisions on the best advertising. These days, consumers have more power to impact a company’s marketing success. The power of the crowd refers to online reviews, which modern consumers rely heavily on when determining final purchases.

This change in consumer behavior came after too many companies began selling over-priced products that weren’t worth the money. As people further integrated technology into their daily lives, they began researching companies and products before making any decisions. Part of their decision-making process includes reading online reviews from other people who’ve already tried the products or services being researched.

With customers have more power, some companies failed to adapt to the new marketing craze and went out of businesses. Savvy brands like Fabletics found success in markets previously dominated by numerous powerhouses. In fact, Fabletics grew more than 200 percent in less than five years because of crowd-sourced reviews.

The executives at Fabletics learned early on that the more attention they paid to their customers, the greater success they’d experience. Despite numerous sources trying to degrade the brand’s reputation and integrity, Fabletics is one of the most popular activewear brands in the world.

Part of that popularity is also thanks to the company’s celebrity co-founder, Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson’s a renowned fashion icon and award-winning actress. These days, she’s known as an advocate for health and fitness. Co-founding an activewear brand just seemed like the perfect move for her at this point in her life.

Her decision to co-found Fabletics has paid off in more ways than just money. Fabletics is starting a movement to get all women to a better, healthier place in life. Unlike other brands and movements, Fabletic’s movement isn’t trying to force people to change their habits overnight.

This movement is really Hudson’s child. She wanted to start a company like Fabletics to inspire women of all sizes, ages, and abilities to embrace healthier choices. Since the first day, she’s wanted Fabletics to produce lines for all sizes, which the company now does.

Fabletics may be a high fashion brand, but the real story is America’s struggle with health. She wants her brand to be that first step that women take toward embrace health and fitness. Making them feel comfortable enough to move at their own pace is the key to success.

Fabletics Works for Everyone

There are a lot of things to think about when you are looking for great exercise clothing. You may have heard of Fabletics, but not know what they are all about or why they are one of the best.


How it Works

There are a lot of ways you can get exercise clothing. The one most think about is just going to the store and getting what you need. Fabletics gives you another way to get what you need.


The way Fabletics works is that you sign up and pick a style. Then you are sent the clothing every month. Your credit card is charged for each shipment and you don’t have to worry about not getting your outfit.


Why Use Fabletics?

There are several reasons you might want to think about using Fabletics. The biggest is the ease. You don’t have to do anything after you sign up. You only need to set it and forget it. This makes things easy and you don’t have to do anything more if you don’t want to. You can pause your subscription if you need to or you want to for some reason.


Who Can Benefit From Fabletics?

Many people can benefit from Fabletics. Most are those that are not in the same area where they can get exercise clothing. This is because it comes right to the house and they don’t have to worry about it. Anyone that wants great clothing that is good quality can get what they are looking for with Fabletics. If you are not sure, then you should get one and give yourself a chance to try.


There are many different options, but Fabletics is a great place to find the clothing you want. All you need is to look at the options they have and how they can work for you.You only need to take your time and know what clothing is going to be the best fit for you. The last thing you want is to get something that won’t work for you or your exercise needs. You want to look stylish as well as be comfortable while you are exercising.

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Kate Hudson vs. Amazon: Retail Titans Clash

Ok, maybe Fabletics isn’t really a titan in the retail world just yet, but Kate Hudson has her eye on Amazon’s 20% clothing market share. If she can make a significant dent, Fabletics may yet be reckoned a titan.


Fabletics Employs Reverse Showrooming

Throughout history, most stores began life as physical spaces where sellers displayed their offerings. From tents to five story buildings, these were showrooms. Customers had to physically visit such a place to see what was being offered.

Fabletics, through the magic of Ecommerce, introduced itself to our notice without any physical presence; it was exclusively a web store, enticing customers though images online rather than in showrooms.


Now that Fabletics has established its name somewhat, they are opening stores. The logic here is that the customer base founded online will extend their patronage to these physical entities. In this way, Fabletics has reversed the traditional showrooming concept. Turning showrooming backwards has become their method of reaching customers and they call it Reverse Showrooming.


Subscription Loyalty

Fabletics doubled their launch risk.

Not only did they debut as an exclusive online business, but they founded the business on subscription sales.

Many people have less than positive associations with subscriptions. Some people remember being bullied into magazine subscriptions because they were associated with another purchase. Some people have guilty feelings, remembering piles of books purchased through subscription and never read or returned.

However, Fabletics is also revising the old subscription model by taking the most egregious elements away. For example, unlike many traditional subscriptions that were almost impossible to terminate, Fabletics, while fervently hoping customers will be thrilled with their service, make ending the subscription as simple as possible.

Another aspect of subscriptions that many customers do not remember fondly is the difficulty of making returns. While Fabletics cannot visit your home, wrap up the items you want to return and carry them back to the warehouse for you, they do all they can to make returns and exchanges easy. Customers may return anything with which they are not satisfied for store credit, credit or merchandise replacement – that’s pretty easy.


Getting to Know You

As another flourish on this off-beat business approach, Fabletics subscribers, called VIP members in Fabletics lingo, are treated as true VIPs by being presented with a curated collection of clothing. By recording what is returned and what is retained by customers, supplemented by a short quiz on personal preferences, Fabletics learns each customer’s tastes. Subsequent selections are made by Fabletics stylists with those tastes and preferences guiding the selections.

This customization is a very new and remarkable twist on subscriptions and may well be the key to Fabletics success.


Future Titan

So, Fabletics may not yet be a titan of Ecommerce industry as Amazon is, but they may be taking the first baby steps toward that lofty title. Even Amazon did not begin as the megalith it currently is, so who knows of Fabletics unusual approach will work forever? Certainly, they are making a splash right now.

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