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Jason Hope compares people’s perception of IoT to that cyptocurrencies

In the world today, there are two terms that have even experts in various fields confused. There is the cryptocurrencies, and there is the Internet of Things. These two terms have not been clear to the people who are expected to explain to the worlds. It is a common occurrence today to find experts in the financial industry arguing about the future of the cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies or better known as digital currencies are the likes of bitcoin, Ethereum among other currencies. On the other side Internet of Things is a technology that is expected to be the next big thing in the tech industry in the future.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding two terms. For the cryptocurrencies, experts in the financial sector cannot agree on whether the use of digital currencies will grind into a halt one day. Some experts especially those who have been in the traditional banking sectors for a long time will argue that it impossible for the digital currencies to hold. These are mainly the conservatives who think that the new digital currencies have no space in the world economy. However lately the digital currencies seem to be defying any prediction of them crushing. They are proving to be the currency of the future. Bitcoin, one of the most popular crypto is now worth more than $7000 a piece. This goes to show although some people did not expect them to grow in demand. They are defying that prediction, and learn more about Jason Hope.

This same controversy is the same that has befallen the Internet of Things. People in the technology sector have been arguing that the internet of Things hype may never happen at all. Although this is what some people think, there are those who believe that the Internet of Things is the best thing that will happen to the world. It promises to bring advanced technology that will be able to interconnect all the devices that we use. It will be possible to connect the refrigerator to the phone and other devices. Any electronic devices will be connected to each other.

Jason Hope, a tech enthusiast from Arizona, is one of the people who believe in the future of the internet of things. Jason Hope says that the technology that will be used in the future will be so advanced that the current technology has nothing to compare with, and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.

Jason Hope is a graduate of the Arizona state university. He is also a philanthropist who goes around the schools in Scottsdale Arizona mentoring the young people, and


Since 2008, Richard Smith has been the CEO of Securus Technologies. Mr. Smith’s educational background gave him the capacity to become the leader he is today. Choosing an engineering course built a strong foundation of his career in telecommunication and other forms of information technology. Richard Smith pursued an associate’s degree in Rochester Institute of Technology. Later, Mr. Smith did an engineering bachelor’s degree and mastered it in the State University of New York. Eventually, he attended Simon School where he attained an MBA.

Before joining Securus Technologies, Mr. Smith worked with other reputable firms and gained vast experience. For instance, Mr. Smith worked for Global Crossing North America, Midwest Telephone Operations, and Frontier Information Technologies among others. Most of his former positions were related to communication and technology. This technical knowledge and rich experience prepared him for Securus Technology.

Since Richard Smith took over Securus Technologies, it has grown tremendously. The headquarters are in Dallas but the company offers services within and out of the nation. Under Mr. Smith’s leadership, Securus has managed to serve more than one million inmates in about twenty-six hundred correctional facilities. The company also works with law enforcement agencies and other security services in America. Read more on

Through Rick Smith’s experience, communication technology has advanced for all their clients. For example, inmates can use video calls to communicate with their loved ones. This is among the greatest privileges of communication inmates have received. Visitors who cannot come to the facility can see the inmates via video call. Also, attorneys and other people requiring contact with inmates can also use this method. It saves time and increases safety reducing visitor queues and congestion in the facility.

Security agencies have received emergency management support intelligence gathering, investigation, and monitoring, biometric analysis among other related services. These services are offered to Americans and countries such as Canada. Mr. Smith has effectively run operations smoothly in all geographical areas of Securus Technologies.

So far, the Mr. Smith has overseen the company invest more than six hundred million. This progress has happened in just three years. Mr. Smith’s company patents have transformed the criminal justice system. Law enforcement agencies can easily track inmates, emergency response has improved and availability of data. The data collected plays an essential role in studying patterns of crimes. Read more on

Generally, Mr. Rick Smith’s responsibility in Securus is to continue exploring and accomplishing technological advancement in communication. The firm aims to connect inmates and their loved, despite the distance and restrictions. As the inmates continue to serve their time, they will live a healthy social life by interacting with people on the outside. Rick Smith Securus has an obligation of propelling the company forward and scaling higher heights. He works with a strong team of organizational members. They have supported him in all the achievement of the company since he took over leadership.

John Goullet, A Successful Leader and Entrepreneur

John Goullet is an American executive and entrepreneur based in New Jersey. Goullet earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College. John Goullet started his career as an IT consultant right after he graduated. He soon transitioned to IT staffing before he decided to form Info Technologies. His experience in consulting and staffing led him to discover a niche in the IT staffing industry, and that is what led him to start the company. His understanding of market trends helped him to grow it into a $30 million company. The company offered staffing solutions to a wide range of clients including Fortune 500 companies. The company’s growth led to its recognition by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private enterprises in the country and read full article.

Goullet reasoned that he would have to partner with another company if he wanted his company to grow larger. That is why he decided to merge Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. to form Diversant LLC. Goullet assumed the role of principal of the newly formed company after the merger. His role saw him work to ensure that the level of service that the firm provides remains high. This is because the clients of the company comprise of middle market companies. Diversant has employed some of the top leaders in the IT staffing industry to work on its team to help it meet its success goals.

Goullet is credited for steering the company to success even when there was a recession. The success of Diversant can be attributed to its values of teamwork, discipline, ethical behavior, and respect. Goullet has been the champion of these values. He has made certain that they are instilled into every employee that joins the company. Diversant has grown to become the largest company in the United States owned by an African-American. It is also certified as a top minority-owned business enterprise because of the growth that it has experienced. Goullet received this award on behalf of the company and said that it was a testament to the firm’s commitment to providing IT staffing solutions. Goullet is currently the Chairman of Diversant Inc and John of Linkedin.