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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacy Shocked by Trump’s Action

Former New Times co-owners Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have expressed their shock and disappointment after President Donald Trump decided to pardon America’s Worst Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

Last month a U.S District Court Judge validated the decision of the President in a move that did not surprise many. Joe Arpaio had been convicted for contempt of court relating to a racial profiling case dating back to 2007.  Read more:  Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Many people in Arizona and throughout the country were anticipating his sentencing that was to happen within a couple of weeks only to hear that the former Maricopa County Sheriff had been pardoned by the president.

The ruling delivered by judge Bolton revived memories of intrigues and arrests ten years ago especially for newspapermen Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. The two had worked so hard to ensure that Arpaio is convicted for the atrocities he committed while serving as a sheriff in Maricopa County.

Arpaio was accused of torturing and beating to death inmates as well as diverting funds meant for prison into his private accounts. Under the stewardship of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the Phoenix New Times worked tirelessly to unearth Arpaio’s under dealings in the institution.  Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

They were at one point handcuffed and taken into custody but were later released after a public outcry.

Almost everyone who comes from Arizona understands the kind of person Arpaio was when he was serving as a sheriff. He was accused of misusing his powers to get back at his enemies and any person he did not like.

He instituted investigations based on false allegations against individuals he was not in good terms with. Jim and Larkin worked day and night to piece evidence that was used to convict Arpaio.

When they heard about the decision to pardon Arpaio, Michael Lacey did not have kind words for the President. “Donald Trump is a moron and corrupt individual who does not have respect for the law, how can he pardon a well-known criminal like Joe Arpaio?” he asked

Although it did not come as a surprise to many, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin think that the judiciary and the executive had no right to pardon Joe Arpaio. “Our Judiciary system has failed this country, it has failed to protect and give justice to the victims and families affected by the crimes committed by Joe Arpaio,” said Larkin. He said that the President had shown his lack of interest in convicting criminals.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been friends and business partners for many years. The duo started working together while still on campus when they published the first inaugural issue of the Phoenix New Times newspaper.

They established their news agency to counter the mainstream media which they felt was not portraying the true picture of the issues affecting the society.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacy in 2013 were paid $3.75 million in compensation following a lawsuit they launched against Maricopa County for wrongful arrest. They decided to use the money to establish a charity fund to help Latin immigrants living in Arizona.


George Soros returns to political arena after long absence

Billionaire George Soros has long been known for his political activism, at least that was the case until 2004. He threw a lot of his money into defeating then President George W. Bush. Frustrated by his failure, he decided to abandon his political activism and stop donating to Democratic candidates. This trend remained in place for many years. The billionaire was frustrated by his inability to influence the elections in a meaningful way. The presidential campaign of 2016 changed many things. Many people, including the withdrawn billionaire, watched the Trump campaign with fear and dread. Like many people, he could not believe the results of the November election. No one expected a man as unpresidential and undiplomatic as Donald Trump to win the White House.

George Soros started donating to Democratic Party political causes as soon as he saw the former New York real estate mogul stood a good chance of winning the white house. According to Politico, Soros is determined to do whatever he can to stop the president’s agenda. and other organizations he supports became more active. Media Matters, a website he funds, redoubled its efforts to correct media misinformation. No one knows if his efforts will make a difference yet, but there are many grassroots efforts composed of people who oppose the current president’s agenda. Read more at Washington Times.

Soros can do nothing to counter the president’s self-aggrandizing style or Trump’s extremely narcissistic behavior. Instead, he hopes to reduce the number of congressional seats held by Republicans. To achieve this goal, he plans on donating to campaigns and influencing Democratic party candidates in the 2018 midterm elections. Choosing to influence midterm elections make strategic sense. Historically, the party that does not control the White House fares better in the Midterm elections. The Media Matters billionaire, like many who share his political affiliation, believe gaining control of congress is the most effective way to stop many items on the president’s agenda.

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Democratic party officials welcome Soros’s return to the political arena. They missed his participation after 2004, as he used a generous portion of his money to fund their candidates. Despite his disappointing experience in stopping President Bush, he understands that the nation faces a far greater threat now. Know more on about George Soros.