AI technology will revolutionize virtually every aspect of life – especially our business transactions – here’s why

Not everyone has the time or resources or sanity to quickly and efficiently complete A/B testing. Artificial intelligence is widely talked about as being the future of the global economy. From weapons development to e-commerce, AI really will be the future.

A new and rapidly growing startup, Sentient AI has been amongst the first in the race to AI driven business solutions, competing with a giant like Microsoft. Sentient AI’s ASCEND provides online marketing solutions. On their product page (link this), they claim you can “Test More, Faster”. A/B Testing allows you to experiment more efficiently on your sales funnel—allowing one to test multiple configurations and designs across multiple pages. A/B testing with ASCEND is an evolving, intelligent solution: it’s constantly learning and easy to implement, often by simply adding code on to a test page. The Sentient team currently employs evolutionary algorithms, a field of computer science, in order to develop their AI and its learning capability.

In regards to A/B Testing, human effort is frustratingly slow and rather tedious. AI can take the burden off of engineers and marketers by speeding data collection and improved data set quality.

Landing pages will be permanently changed, either by adding under the hood improvements or by subtly changing what exactly a visitor or customer sees when interacting with a website.
Of great benefit to entrepreneurs, this field of marketing will be evolved by the introduction of AI technology.

Landing pages and more specifically conversion rate optimization are design and data driven approaches. When one wants to improve lead generation and nurture customer relationships, a strong landing page and UI and user experience (UX) will be important to attract the customer’s attention and create a pretty, yet appropriate visual atmosphere for your website. A/B testing, as a result, will be thrown into the dustbin of history. Like floppy disks and cassette players.

Business solutions and networking site Xpreneurs held an interview (link here) with Dr. Uwe Stoll, co-founder of HyperMaus.

Hypermaus is an AI and Deep Learning start-up, utilizing the Python language to build its systems.

Dr. Uwe Stoll explains HyperMaus as an artificial intelligence based problem solver. The problem? The difficulty of improving personalization quickly to improve lead generation and turnover. Stoll explains that there aren’t any tools that allow organizations to effectively and efficiently improve their landing pages, and therefore ultimately fatten their total revenue.

This realization caused Stoll to believe that A/B testing must be eliminated, as it is an inefficient method. Instead, AI can take over for humans and eliminate large amounts of manual labor and financial burden. Still, says that his company’s proprietary AI core operates in a closed loop—it can create solutions by seeing the entire picture. It doesn’t just give one a recommendation or suggestion that humans would have to implement themselves; the AI can work from “end to end”.

Life Line Screening: A Effective Tool for Protecting People’s Health

Almost 70% of the 2.6 million people that die in the United States annually from chronic diseases could be saved by using preventative medicine. Modern medicine has given mankind a wealth of knowledge and effective tools with which they can prevent many serious health issues. The key to survival for many people is to take proactive measures to detect and properly treat their health problems as early as possible. But countless people fail to take the tests and treatments that could save their lives and more information click here.

The preventative care services offered by Life Line Screening and other healthcare approaches can identify, inspect and evaluate the body’s vital systems and warn doctors and patients of signs of trouble. Taking a proactive approach to health management offers many benefits. It enables many diseases and illnesses to be prevented. It can also identify health risk factors and allow people to make the simple lifestyle changes necessary to prevent them or slow their development. This can save lives and millions in healthcare costs.

Founded in Florida in 1993, Life Line Screening is a private prevention and wellness company that offers a comprehensive preventative screening program that identifies people’s health risk factors. The company hosts 16,000 events annually where they offer fast, painless and minimally-invasive tests. They include ultrasound screening, finger-stick blood screening and limited electrocardiograph. These tests can detect health problems before patients begin experiencing symptoms. This early detection followed by effective treatment can reduce or eliminate the incidence of many serious health problems.

The use of Life Line Screening tests can protect people’s health, improve their quality of life and help them to live longer. The test are designed by doctors and done by experienced healthcare professionals. They are simple and powerful and can help to assess a person’s current or future health risks. They require little or no preparation and the results are available quickly. This is gives people time to confer with their primary physician and get treatment or make the necessary lifestyle changes. A person’s health is their most important asset. Life Line Screening can help them to protect and improve it and learn more about Life Line Screening.

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Since 2008, Richard Smith has been the CEO of Securus Technologies. Mr. Smith’s educational background gave him the capacity to become the leader he is today. Choosing an engineering course built a strong foundation of his career in telecommunication and other forms of information technology. Richard Smith pursued an associate’s degree in Rochester Institute of Technology. Later, Mr. Smith did an engineering bachelor’s degree and mastered it in the State University of New York. Eventually, he attended Simon School where he attained an MBA.

Before joining Securus Technologies, Mr. Smith worked with other reputable firms and gained vast experience. For instance, Mr. Smith worked for Global Crossing North America, Midwest Telephone Operations, and Frontier Information Technologies among others. Most of his former positions were related to communication and technology. This technical knowledge and rich experience prepared him for Securus Technology.

Since Richard Smith took over Securus Technologies, it has grown tremendously. The headquarters are in Dallas but the company offers services within and out of the nation. Under Mr. Smith’s leadership, Securus has managed to serve more than one million inmates in about twenty-six hundred correctional facilities. The company also works with law enforcement agencies and other security services in America. Read more on

Through Rick Smith’s experience, communication technology has advanced for all their clients. For example, inmates can use video calls to communicate with their loved ones. This is among the greatest privileges of communication inmates have received. Visitors who cannot come to the facility can see the inmates via video call. Also, attorneys and other people requiring contact with inmates can also use this method. It saves time and increases safety reducing visitor queues and congestion in the facility.

Security agencies have received emergency management support intelligence gathering, investigation, and monitoring, biometric analysis among other related services. These services are offered to Americans and countries such as Canada. Mr. Smith has effectively run operations smoothly in all geographical areas of Securus Technologies.

So far, the Mr. Smith has overseen the company invest more than six hundred million. This progress has happened in just three years. Mr. Smith’s company patents have transformed the criminal justice system. Law enforcement agencies can easily track inmates, emergency response has improved and availability of data. The data collected plays an essential role in studying patterns of crimes. Read more on

Generally, Mr. Rick Smith’s responsibility in Securus is to continue exploring and accomplishing technological advancement in communication. The firm aims to connect inmates and their loved, despite the distance and restrictions. As the inmates continue to serve their time, they will live a healthy social life by interacting with people on the outside. Rick Smith Securus has an obligation of propelling the company forward and scaling higher heights. He works with a strong team of organizational members. They have supported him in all the achievement of the company since he took over leadership.

Learning with Julie Zuckerberg: Best Reasons to Be a Recruiter

The talent recruitment profession is one of the most exciting and interesting ones you can enter if you think you have the skills necessary to communicate with people beyond the conventional words of the everyday life.


A good talent recruiter has to see the skills, abilities and honest capabilities of the candidates for that job offering, and it requires a deep understanding of what kind of personality best suits that position and what your company is looking for. These skills, along with other necessary traits, come when meeting new people and gathering experience by working as a talent recruiter for the first time.


In this article, we will talk about the best reasons why you should consider entering the recruitment career if you think you have what it takes to be an influential professional in the area.


To help us analyze the field, we will be talking about the career of a very skilled and valuable recruiter in the U.S., Julie Zuckerberg, which is currently working for the Deutsche Bank, a prominent multinational bank with high influence in North America.


The first reason why you should consider the talent acquisition profession: It is a job that apparently is required by every big and small company in every market, as having a professional team that identifies the best potential candidates for that job offering is very valuable for a corporation.


She first began working in her profession as the Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson, which is a specialized third-party group that focuses on recruiting the best candidates for other companies. There, Zuckerberg was responsible for leading the team responsible for replacing and finding candidates for other firms.


By staying five years with the group, Julie Zuckerberg gathered a lot of experience. She learned from her mistakes and learned from well-accomplished recruitment jobs as well.


The second reason is: Being in the talent acquisition field will give you a lot of contact with the best of the best in any possible area that you can imagine. Since you’ll be recruiting for other corporations and finding the best candidates for that job offering, the recruitment profession fills you with that much knowledge about many types of businesses that you didn’t know how they worked.


Julie Zuckerberg, with more than fifteen years in the field, is already an expert in many businesses that are not her specialty, but she has conducted so many hiring programs that she already understands who the whole system of a bank works from the different positions that she had to hire for during her time working for Citi bank.


Her knowledge of the bank industry has got her the favorable position of the Executive Recruitment Lead of the Deutsche Bank, a position that she holds since she joined the enterprise in Abril, 2014.


After being with Hudson for five years, she moved to the company that she stayed the most time with Citi, Citi Global Consumer Bank, and Citi Global Functions. There, she was the executive recruiter of the company for six years.


Last reason but definitely not less important: Being a recruiter is one of the most fulfilling jobs because you’ll be giving the most renowned positions in a company to the candidates that deserve it the most.


Julie Zuckerberg remains nowadays as one of the youngest recruiters of the fastest success in her career.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Making a Difference in Genomics

Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and CEO of the company Tempus. Tempus was an entity created that was created with the purpose of redefining how genomic data is used in clinical settings. The goal is to help benefit as many patients as possible by learning more about how genomic data that is collected can be used by providing physicians with more tools to help them treat patients more effectively.

Lefkofsky has overseen the company builds a massive, state-of-the-art facility called The Tempus Lab, which is a research and technology care clinic that helps do research to further what is known about genomics. The clinic currently samples and sequences the genomics of over 50,000 patients annually. The general sequencing procedure is complete in about two or three weeks after receiving the patient’s samples that are to be tested.

Tempus is also unique in that it works directly with the patient to help do their RNA and DNA sequencing. Tempus is always seeking to improve their capabilities to ensure they have the most cutting -edge procedures to ensure the accuracy of their genomic findings, and also strive to provide the patient with a complete picture of their genomic makeup. The ultimate result is that Tempus provides physicians with the tools to help make the most cutting-edge decision for each patient based on data-driven results and what Eric knows.

In addition to all of his excellent work as the CEO and founder of Tempus, that is not all that Eric Lefkofsky does to keep himself occupied. Lefkofsky’s accomplishments go well beyond just the Tempus agency. Lefkofsky has expanded his work into other areas, and he is also the founder and Chairman of the huge hit coupon site Groupon. In addition, Lefkofsky is also an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago and the author of “Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation” and more information click here.

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An Insight Into The OSI Group

The OSI Group is a company from Illinois specializing in the production and retail of food products. Some these products include dough products, vegetable products, fish products and poultry product. The OSI Group also specializes in pork products, hot dogs, bacon and meat patties.

These products are sold across the globe as the company has over 70 plants in more than 15 nations. Some of the countries where the OSI markets its products include Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, China, and Japan. In the United States alone, the company has plants in Oakland, Iowa, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, West Jordan Utah and Riverside, California.

In the past 30 years, the OSI Group has managed to expand through mergers and acquisitions. Recent companies that have being acquired by the company are Tyson Foods and Baho Foods. Tyson Food was an American based firm while Baho Foods was a European based firm. As for Tyson Foods, the deal was worth $ 7.4 million. However, the financial details of Baho Foods acquisition were not revealed. The only common thing about these two deals is that the employees of these two companies retained their jobs. The executives were also integrated with executives from the OSI Group.

The OSI Group has a rich history. The firm was established in the year 1909 by a German Immigrant as a family meat market. Later on, this business expanded to become a wholesale meat trade company. In the early 1970s, the OSI Group struck a deal with McDonald’s to become their sole meat supplier. At the same time, the firm was acquired by Sheldon Lavin who maintains the position of chief executive officer to date. The president of the OSI Group is David McDonald. The OSI Group thrives on two principles. For a company to be successful on the international market, it should understand the culture of that nation and follow government regulations.

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The Unseen Work of Anthony Petrello

Usually if someone mentions Anthony Petrello in the Houston, TX community, the first thing that comes to mind is his work in the oil drilling industry and the millions he has made in that line of work. But Anthony Petrello has an even bigger passion that he’s driven by at the Texas Children’s Hospital, some work that is unseen by most of the business community. Petrello is on the Board of Trustees there thanks to $7 million that he’s given to the Dan & Jan Duncan Neurological Research Institute there. He was motivated to be a part of this philanthropy because of his daughter Carena who has cerebral palsy. She has battled with this illness since infancy, and Petrello has been driven by his love for family to help find a cure one day. The Petrellos and the Duncans have become great friends whose enthusiasm for healthcare philanthropy has started to become noticed in Houston.

Anthony Petrello is the current Chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries where he has been leading the company in financial and technological endeavors for the past 26 years. He’s responsible for strategic planning and seeing the rollout of new investments and partnerships at Nabors. Nabors Industries has built one of the world’s largest fleet of land-based rigs and has invested a great deal into offshore modular rigs. Petrello’s work has certainly earned a large compensation including $68 million in the year 2013 that made him the highest-paid executive that year and learn more about Anthony.

Anthony Petrello has gone a long way in his career due to his ability to solve problems and guide the turbulence of financial regulations. His problem solving really began back in his high school days when mathematics was his passion. His gift at solving math problems earned him acceptance into Yale University where he completed both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in the field. He went from there to Harvard’s law school and completed a J.D. His expertise was in corporate law and he worked for Baker & McKenzie law firm for 13 years. There he guided clients in tax compliance, business structuring, investment regulations, SEC matters and offshore issues. Nabors Industries chose Petrello to join the company from having known him as an attorney at the firm and more information click here.

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Bob Reina

Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, was working as a policeman for ten years when he started to feel burnt out from his job Learn more : . Looking for a better way to live while helping others, he was introduced to the network marketing industry. The business model immediately made sense to Bob and he went to work immediately building a business.


Fraught with challenges and setbacks, Bob never gave up. Then one day, he had a light bulb moment while trying to send a video across AOL. When the platform told him it couldn’t be done, he immediately reached out to his friend and IT consultant, Dr. Jonathan Chen, to explore the idea. Together they created Talk Fusion’s first product, video email.Learn more : (


The company began to realize success almost immediately after launching the product. They went on to develop a series of video communication products and their business has now expanded into over 140 countries ( Talk Fusion’s video marketing products have helped businesses send video emails, hold live virtual meetings, call prospects through video chat, and more.


The company continues to focus on expansion, with several products and innovations in the works. They are currently working on developing Talk Fusion University, which will offer free educational support to people looking to expand and grow their businesses.


Bob Reina has been successfully running Talk Fusion for over ten years. He has a passion for building his business, and is also very active in his local community. Bob is an active member of the Humane Society and has donated time and resources to improving the conditions for homeless and shelter dogs. As an avid dog lover, he’s even been known to bring his dogs into the Talk Fusion office from time to time.


In addition to his work with the Humane Society, Bob is involved in a number of other philanthropic causes. He has provided uniforms to local sports teams in his community. He has provided relief to victims affected by the tsunami in Japan and the earthquake in Nepal. Through his generous contributions to local and global causes, as well as his passion for helping others succeed in business, Bob Reina is dedicated to helping people improve their here

How Eric Lefkofsky is Fighting Back Against Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus. Tempus is a startup that is fighting against cancer. The aim of Tempus is to provide data that can help doctors at the University of Chicago find more effective ways to treat breast cancer and their patients who suffer from it. Through a partnership with the University of Chicago Medicine, the hope is that a treatment plan for every patient can be personalized and therefore better able to treat the patient.

The technology used by Tempus can provide doctors with the knowledge to create treatments immediately for their patients. Tempus hopes to expand their partnerships so that more patients can receive better treatment and hopefully achieve better outcomes and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus with the goal of fighting cancer. His triumphs do not end there. His road to the creation of his many companies was made possible after graduating from the University of Michigan and eventually the University ofMichihagn Law School where he received his Juris Doctor. He has created many companies during his career. Some of the companies he had a hand at establishing include Groupon, Mediaocean and Echo Global Logistics. His career is very expansive and his companies range in fields from e-commerce to media. Eric Lefkofsky is involved in many different areas of business and beyond.

Eric Lefkofsky has a desire to help which is clear by his creation of Tempus as well as other aspects of his life. A huge portion of Eric Lefkofsky’s life is devoted to his charitable organizations. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is an organization that is finds and provides solutions to positively impact communities in need. He also is involved in many boards and organizations such as The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, and World Business Chicago.

Eric Lefkofsky is a very successful man who has not only created a company with the aim of defeating cancer, but many other companies that have allowed him to give back to the community. Eric Lefkofsky has used his career to create a positive change in not only communities but the world.

Alternatives To Stock Market Investing Are Out There According To Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is the Chairman and CEO of Forefront Capital Advisors which recently opened its new Forefront Income Trust investment program. The idea behind this new initiative was to give new investors a chance to invest somewhere besides the stock market and open an IRA without needing a large sum of money to start with.

Crunchbase reported that Brad Reifler has often spoken about the pitfalls to investing especially in light of the 2016 box office release of Money Monster. Reifler says that investors do have to be careful who they invest with and should make sure they stick to their investment goals without being sold a false hope by their portfolio manager.

Brad Reifler is a longtime advisor to futures investors and hedge fund clients. He got his degree in finance from Bowdoin College and the first advisory company he started was Reifler Trading Company.

This company’s line of work included discretionary accounts management, global derivatives and alternative investments. Brad Reifler had turned this company into billions worth in profits by the time it was sold to Refco Inc. His second company Pali Capital had similar success for the 14 years that Reifler ran it.

This company never actually dictated to its brokers where to invest client funds but rather showed them how to turn investments into profitable gains. By the time this company was sold it had established offices in four different continents and had managed billions in assets.

According to PR Newswire, Brad Reifler began Forefront Capital in 2010 and like his previous two companies he marketed its services to accredited wealthy clients at the outset, but he became aware of the gap between Wall Street and middle class America and decided to do something about it.

He began advocating for lower barriers to investing in alternative funds and established a public fund at the company that allows investors to start with only $1,000. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

He is continuing to work with the SEC to change regulations about accredited investors and create more opportunities for middle class American investors. Reifler is also a philanthropist and his contributions include a $3 million gift to Easter Seals Dixon Center for retired servicemen.